Maltheism (RP)

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Spiders don't have hearts... sigh... Am I the only one on this forum who knows anything about arthropod anatomy?

Sissask shrieks and collapses, her massive weight sinking onto Jake.
Actually, yes they do. It's a two chamber heart.

IC: I place my feet against the spider, holding her up. "Help!"
But their heart is on the top of their abdomen, and is really an elongated tube... Ah, whatever. I'm sure you hit something vital in there.
"Give me a sec, I'm a little stuck right now!"
I shout back, pulling myself free of the webbing.
Screeching in anger at their queen's fall, about thirty giant spiders of various types rush at the humans.
I draw my rifle with one hand, firing it at the spiders I could see. "Hurry up, please!"
A Wolf Spider leaps onto Jake, knocking his weapon away. It bares its fangs and prepares to strike the killing blow...

Someone do an epic save.
(There is a loud ripping noise followed by an audible thud as Stefan hits the ground)
Rushing to the spider's corpse, I grab my knife from its head and leap, killing the wolf spider with a blow to it's neck. Moving quickly to Jake, I shove the corpse off of him and quickly help him to his feet.
Edit ninja'd.

THe remaining spiders charge as the webs animated by Sissask begin to sag and unbind from one another.
"Everyone, get ready!" Nina shouts, and lets out a pyrokenetic burst, lighting every spider on fire. She brings her rifle around again, and opens fire.
I dive for my rifle, grabbing it and firing into the mass of flaming spiders, standing back up as I do so. "Get some!"
The spiders retreat, hissing. Their numbers thinned and their queen dead, they will be forced to lay low for awhile, remaining confined to the swamp.


A pair of evil green eyes watches with interest. So, they have killed my favorite servant... perhaps a replacement is in order.

THey focus on Jake in particular. He resisted her lures... interesting. A valiant warrior too, and pleasing to look upon...

Senemethress the Weaver smiles. Yes, she is without a consort at the moment. This one will make an interesting toy. And no man, no man had ever resisted her charms, she thinks, running her hands down her smoothly curving sides. Taking on the form of a shadow of the night, she blends into the growing darkness and begins stalking her prey.
"Everyone good?" Nina asks, glancing around, her rifle still in hand. She wasn't taking any chances in case the spiders got gusty again.
o_O This could get interesting... Should I write for Subtilis Cultro, or do you want to have total control?

I holster my weapons and inspect the two nicely sized holes in my chest;
"I don't know... I've got an.. enhanced immune system, but with this place, I have no idea..."
Smylez and I will control the Pantheon for now. Which reminds me, I need to post the full Pantheon roll. I will do that in the morning. Until then,

Senators, Jedi, I bid you all a most respectful farewell!

-Cad Bane.
I inspect the holes. "I have an anti-venom that might work."
My legs were stiff and slightly swollen from the poison, it was still not wearing off and something like this would have to take time to wear off. No anti venom would help with this, for it has already been inside my body for quite some time.
Peering around the tree I had noticed that they were all finished.
I laugh;
"It's best that you don't... I'd rather not have my body reject it... Its not a fun experience... The best thing to do is wait for my system to develop a counter itself, it shouldn't take long..."
I shrug, retrieving my swords and returning them to their sheath. "Your choice."

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