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Fortunately the great spider prefers to have her victims live... the venom does not kill, but rather immobilizes.

And now, the Pantheon.

The Weaver.

Goddess of deception and seduction. Patron goddess of giant spiders. As evil and treacherous as she is beautiful. There are several small shrines to her in the western swamp.

The Watcher.

God of vision and cruelty. Considered the spirit of the northern mountain. Keeps tabs on all who land on the planet, and toys with them until others claim them. A large statue of him exists atop the mountain.

Subtilis Cultro.
The Deceiver.

Goddess of deception, malice, and vengeance. The little sister of the Weaver. Feared by all native peoples. Human tribes sacrifice to her to appease her and prevent her from killing them. Altars for this purpose exist, one to the north of the crash and one to the southeast.

The Plague-Bringer.

God of disease. Patron god of trolls. Often works through troll servants, loves toying with victims in this way. Many trolls carry small idols of Zzerkas.

The Tormentor.

God of mischief. Patron god of imps and goblins. Loves to play devastating jokes on mortals. The Shrine of Mishik rests in the center of a goblin settlement in the east

The Breaker.

God of madness and betrayal. Patron god of all who have been driven insane by the planet. Loves to make mortals betray each other to their deaths or drive their friends insane and force them to kill them. The Temple of Madness is just past the southwestern mountain.

The Siren.

Goddess of 'love.' Patron goddess of nymphs and dryads. She and her servants exist mostly to the south at another common crash sight. Their job is to distract people, but they mostly do it for fun, not out of malice. A large idol to her exist on the coast of the Sea far to the south, and southern Amazons sometimes carry idols to her.

The Fisherman.

God of the stars. Uses his evil magic to lure ship to the system and crash them on Ereboran.

And last but not least:

Lord of the Gods.

Gorthaur rules over the other gods and over all the inhabitants of the planet with an iron fist. He is incredibly powerful. THe Great Temple contains statues of all the gods, but his is largest, and the Temple is considered to be his. Some sorcerors and witch doctors carry talismans to grant them his blessing and power.

And there you have it. Finally. I should have posted that a long time ago. Let me know if there are any horrible gaps in it I haven't though of.
God of Evil and Death.
They're all evil, so we don't really need one of that... but death would be good. I'll add one. Also, I'm going to put the list on the front page.
Needs to be a God of War, my opinion.

IC: Nina relaxes, and looks around again. "So, boss, where to next?" She asks, directing her question at Jake.
There really aren't enough people here for war to have much meaning... the tribes do not war, they merely prey upon one another.
I pull out a cotton-like padding, stuffing my wounds with it.
"Well, we can hide here for the night, or try to find a new cave. Either way, we'll be semi exposed for the duration."
"Up to you, I'm just following until we can find a working communicator or a ship off." She replies, fiddling with her knife.
"Trust me, if I find something flyable, I'm taking it."
I continue to clean myself up, the puncture marks quickly becoming indistinguishable from the rest of my armor;
"Agreed, the sooner we're off of this dirt ball, the better..."
I think for a moment. "There's one problem with that plan now that I think about it."
"Don't say it." She replies.
"Too late. The massive orbital gravity this planet has to have to be able to scuttle ships like this."
Two spiders sit in a cave in the swamp.

"So, now what?"

"Well, I reckon we stay here awhile. We should get some snares set."

"Right, right. Weaver knows it'll be awhile before it's safe to get back to the nest, what with all the hungry females around."

"Yep. We just gotta lay low till a new queen shows up and gets things organized. Plus, there's those humans to worry about."

"Weaver, ain't that the truth! Those things were nasty!"

"Thress knows. By the Weaver, I don't want to see anything like them again!"

"Didn't anyone ever teach you not to take my name in vain?

The two arachnids freeze, mortal terror gripping them.

"Our apologies, Great One!"

"Please, we meant no ill, Great Mother of All!"

"Silence. Well, luckily for you, I have something I need you to do..."
I grunt, seeming tired;
"Good point.. That could complicate things..."

What were you planing for the venom and whatnot?
It's just to slow you down a little, force you to find a fixed position.

ANd also to help isolate Jake.
I've been waiting for my persons knight in shining armor.
Maybe I should give CR control of Senemethress... He's more experienced in that sort of writing...

Nah, I need the practice.
Maybe I should give CR control of Senemethress... He's more experienced in that sort of writing...

Nah, I need the practice.
You !@#$%^-...But I can't hate you, for you are the Roach!
"You sound tired. Go ahead and rest. I'll take up watch." I sit on a stump, rifle in hand and watch the growing darkness warily. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't shake the feeling that someone, or something, was forcing these encounters and fights. Then there was the nagging feeling that a Ghost was on my tail.

Give it a rest Jake, so far as anyone knows, you did what any former mercenary would do, and that's save your own skin. I scoff quietly at the thought. If I'd wanted to save my own skin, I wouldn't have helped with the breakout in the first place. Letting the train of thought vanish, I resume focus on my watch, looking between the trees for movement.

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