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10/24/2012 08:27 PMPosted by Korozain
I jump and grab its face, and attempts to slam it down with incredible strength.

You simply hang off its face.
I scrabble backwards and hop to my feet, quickly getting out of its immediate reach. Sheathing my knife, I pull my rifle back out. I open fire, aiming for the opening in its armor.
I scrabble backwards and hop to my feet, quickly getting out of its immediate reach. Sheathing my knife, I pull my rifle back out. I open fire, aiming for the opening in its armor.

Several shots hit their mark and the golem stumbles backward while a human is still hanging onto its face.
OOC: You certainly don't like to die.

IC: Still hanging on its head, I use my sword once more, and jab the open core.
OOC: You certainly don't like to die.

IC: Still hanging on its head, I use my sword once more, and jab the open core.

OOC: Your guy certainly can't slam anything down of that size and mass.

With a groan, the golem crumples into dust.

Far away, The Voodoo Master looks on. "They passed the test!"
OOC: Magic construct, and he injected himself with really powerful adrenaline but I understand

IC: "Now dats enougha dat mess." I say sheathing my sword and finding my rifle.
I carefully look around, checking for any other signs of trouble;
"Anyone have an idea on what the hell that was?!"
I ask.

YES!! my prayers to the god of mad science have been answered!!!
*holds up an plater of kidneys, spleens and other assorted organs as an offering*
"No idea man. But I'm Vex, but my friends call me Blade, me assumin' you a 'friend'." I say extending my hand to shake.
I sigh and look around. "No idea. I'm sure we'll find out if we can find a native, they'd know." I approach the two and holster my rifle.
OOC: G'night, my character is hidden from all contact.

A wisp shows up once more in front of the Voodoo Master.

"Yes? Stay back for now? Fine mon, I be waiting for the Sleeper to make the move. Dem humans are interesting."
I nod and shake his hand;
"Stefan Alexander, contract mercenary. Hawkeye is my old field name."

G'night Smylez
OOC: Guten nächst smylez, I actually got to hit the sac too. Soon.

IC: "Nice meetin' you. Who's the odda one?"
"I'm Jake Hunter, Merc and soldier of fortune." I offer my hand.
IC: I shake. "Nice meetin' ya. I'm a Vex Zerash, loyal Captain of da Blade Kings."

OOC: alright imma take off for the night
Protoss male of standard height. Standard issue Zealot armor except for a secondary emergency shield generator.

Prideful like most Protoss, but has far more respect for Terrans as a race than most. Has studied Terran culture and technology extensively.

Served under Tassadar before and during the zerg invasion. He had begun training as a High Templar, but the tide of events brought him into the war zone. This brought his studies to a grinding halt.
The end of the brood wars meant he was no longer needed on the front lines. As such, it was decided he would accompany survey teams to study planets fit to be colonized by the Protoss should Aiur prove to be impossible to retake.

Intro post: "Pilot. How long until we reach the planet's atmosphere?"
The pilot does not look up from the shuttle controls. "Three minutes thirty five seconds. I am commencing landing procedures now."

The pilot extends both his hands and begins a series of gestures. These gestures are processed by the computer and turned into commands. The holographic displays change, informing us that autopilot is no longer on. Another set of symbols flashes and a terrain map of the landing zone appears.

"We will land here on this relatively level plain. You will take mineral samples and test air quality every three hundred yards. Proceed until you reach here and turn one ninety degrees. Continue until..."
A hazard symbol appears and the holographic display assumes a reddish tone. A quick gesture brings up a more detailed report.
"Engines are loosing power. Return to your seat and begin basic crash safety procedures. I do not believe I can escape the planet's gravity with so little engine power."

I nod. "Very well." I begin walking towards the bay. Why would the engines fail now? They were not under undo stress as we hadn't even entered the atmosphere. Mechanical failures of any kind were nigh on unheard of on any kind of Protoss vessel.
Excluding those that occurred after taking battle damage of course. Very little can stop a machine with a bunch of holes in it from failing in some way.

But we hadn't been attacked. Had we?

I activate my harness and brace for a hard landing.
The Watcher was pleased. These Terrans were strong warriors. Simply sending giants and dragons at them probably wasn't the way to go. Slow and subtle, yes. That was how they would fall.

It sensed something else, another ship entering the atmosphere. So the Fisherman was still at work. The Watcher reached out, touched the ship...

Even after three hundred years, the touch was unmistakable. Protoss!

Joy filled the Watcher. It had been many years since one of those arrived here...


Now we're up to the level of people I was hoping for. It looks like the survivor list wouldn't fit right now, I'll post it this evening once your chars have had time to take a head count.
Well, it looks like we're starting with just you guys.

The ship crashes in a small valley. The valley is in the shelter of a large mountain, and due to the mountain's position is dark for most of the day.


O = mountain
- = ground
~ = swamp
V = ship
C = river
Protoss Ship = Y


Edited to show Protoss ship.
Are we looking at miles apart here? Or hundreds of yards?

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