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Name: ED-E (ee-dee)

Hovering Terran Construct (Usually thought of as male)

Appearance: ED-E is a floating, sleek ball essentially made from cobbled together scrap, and only later renovated by his latest owner with a much more sleek design, and with better materials to boot. He has a vulture's hovering device that allows him to fly around a few feet off the ground, but is only about 16" across and tall.
He is armed with a stripped down Guass Rifle on his lower front that has a 180 degree rotation from side to side and a 90 degree angle up and down, from directly below him to pointing straight ahead. Ammo reserves are plentiful, being able to fire non-stop for a full 30 minutes before running out of ammo.
His optics are behind reinforced bullet-proof glass on his front, and can magnify up to x6.
His armor plating is that of a seige tank, and can take a surprising amount of small arms fire, though many explosives easily cause heavy internal damage.
Flies Dominion colors, though most of the paint has chipped from battle damage and neglect.

Personality: ED-E's AI, companionship with humans, and faced with the hard reality of war have given him a cheerful, but reserved sort of attitude towards others, seeing humans as great companions that have the unfortunate habit of dying in horrific manners before any real bond can be established. With aliens being consistantly hostile towards him he has become strongly xenophobic, and has a 'shoot first, ask questions later' policy with them. He himself can only speak in beeps, but records and can replay everything he hears and sees, as well as storing anything and everything else he can get from databases he is plugged into.

Background: Starting as a passing project for an engineer by the name of 'Tom' on a backwater agri-world, he was little more than a floating tin can, with only basic functions and senses, though he still recorded everything, including his first owners death at the hands of the zerg when the planet was attacked. He was later discovered by a passing salvage team after the planet had been 'purified' by the protoss. They took it upon themselves to improve his systems to be used as a sort of recon drone, more or less making him the bot he is today. A couple years and several owners later, he finds himself on the Denethor to be sold as scrap at the next scheduled stop by some guy that has identified himself as 'Conner'.

Important Info:
Heavy Armor, fragile insides. Small arms fire does little damage, but explosives and extreme blunt force can heavily damage internals.
Power Supply: Solar Powered, and Can last up to 48 terran hours without charging
Guass Rifle: Has enough ammo reserves to fire for 30 staight minutes before running out. Rifle starts in perfect condition.
Hovers around, able to float up to 5 feet off the ground, and can fly at up to 15 mph.

Intro Post:
ED-E had been sitting on the shelf for the past hour now, with nothing to do but listen to his newest owner, a curt, rude !@#$%^- that ED-E was surprised was successful at all in engineering, which was the only way to explain how he had managed to fix him up. Still, he certainly wasn't the best company he ever had, and ED-E was becoming quite bored with organizing his seemingly infinite databanks.
[Bored Beeping]

Passanger: Hey, what's that thing?
Conner: I dunno. All I know is that it floats, beeps, and has a big gun on it's front. And no, I'm not selling until we reach our destination.

[Bored Beeping]

Conner: Damnit, would you just shut up!? You've been doing that for the past-

The ship lurches to the side, as if it had been hit by a javalin missile. Conner falls over on his side, screeching in pain.

[Confused Beeping]

The ship lurched once again, and ED-E was thrown off of the shelf, slamming into Conner's side and making him screech even louder.

[Even more Confused Beeping]

The intercomm blared to life, revealing a young, panicing woman's voice.
"This is your pilot speaking, grab something and hold the f*ck on! We're going down!"

The intercomm cut off after that, and ED-E abruptly felt the ship lurch downwards, causing him to begin rolling forward, and his heavily injured owner to start sliding.

[Terrified Beeping]

The ship suddenly crashed onto land, and everything went dark for ED-E as he smashed his side into the wall.
OOC: Well, after starting my post just before being forced to go to bed, and finishing this morning, I won't be able to really join until I get home at around 3:30 CST, thanks to school having this site blocked. See you then. I've finally found time to RP again, and let's hope I can keep up.
Jake, for story purposes why not call the ship that your character is in the one that crashed? If not then go ahead with whatever.

Nice to RP with you again by the way.
He did. And as to the distance question, I HATE distances... but I would say you're about a mile from the Terrans.
Slowly, ED-E's controls came back to life one by one, his optics coming last, revealing a whole lot of burning wreckage, and a gored body stuck between several sharp plates of metal and the wall, having undoubtably been Conner. This meant he currently had no owner, much to ED-E's relief. He decided with his previous missions now moot, it would be prudent to investigate his new surroundings.

Flying out of the smouldering wreckage, it turns out he is in some sort of small valley, with mostly tropical vegetation and a nearby swamp. Seeing that his piece of wreckage had splintered from the main body, he decided to to check for survivors. Being in the relatively cheery mood he was with his A-hole owner dead, he decides to play a song. Trumpets begin to play, and the sound of a hearty male fills the air.

"Weeeeell, I'm a mighty mighty man, I'm young and I'm in my prime!
Yeeeeeaah, I'm a mighty mighty man, I'm young and I'm in my prime!"


O = mountain
- = ground
~ = swamp
V = ship
C = river
Protoss Ship = Y


Current Direction of movement= East
*inhales deeply*

Ah, so good to have Jake back.
I catch hint of the music on the breeze and look for it's source. "Anyone else hear that?"
*inhales deeply*

Ah, so good to have Jake back.

OOC: Not sure what I did wrong...
I sit down and listen to the tune. "Sounds pretty good." shaking my head to it.
10/25/2012 03:08 PMPosted by Jake
Trumpets begin to play, and the sound of a hearty male fills the air.

This is just asking for something really bad to happen.

"They plannin' to wake da whole valley up? What fops!"
"Well, it'll also attract more unwanted attention. We need cover that isn't the ship."
I nod;
Looking around, I point to the nearest mountain;
"I say we climb that thing. It'll give us a good view of the surrounding land and we can figure out where to go from there.
I nod. "Good idea. We should only need to get up about halfway though."
Some of the local wildlife is clearly stirred by ED-E's song, who hastily turns down the volume, half-puzzled why he had it so loud in the first place (Now only those adjacent to him on the map can hear the song, rather than the entire valley). Oh well. He decides it would be prudent to change course after blaring the song so high. While there had yet to be any evidence of deadly creatures in the valley, ED-E was not keen on taking his chances. He begins to head to the southern mountain range, determined to get a good look of his surroundings.

OOC: I had meant that he was just kind of playing the song to himself, but I guess 'Fills the air' implies he's blaring it out for everyone within several kloms to hear.
The Voodoo Master, still sitting on the boulder, takes out a pipe and fills it with some strange, gnarled leaves. He lights the leaves and takes a deep puff.

"Dis da stuff mon! Shahaha!"
Nina Kalvaus

Terran. Female, blonde, light and lithe build at 5' 9", tanned skin, hazel eyes, Black and red medium armor with shielding systems and a powerful generator.

Happy and Cheerful, almost impossible to make her unhappy. Hyper-intelligent and quick-thinking, often settling things verbally rather than physically.

Mercenary and leader, she had been a bounty hunter for a long time, often getting the jobs that others refused to do. After the events at Umoja Plains, she had received a call to return to the UED.

Intro post: Traveled in the ship in order to return to the UED, but the ship had crashed. After the crash, she wakes up, and starts wandering around. Demands a refund.
OOC: @Jake, yeah... I thought it was to all of us. My bad...

In the past 2 RP's I've been in, the I've had to find a mountain... Lol

IC: I stop bobbing to the tune. "Let's go at sunrise, sunsets a bad idea..." I say as I see it may get dark soon.
I nod. "Another good idea. But, we're still gonna need to move away from the ship."
The Voodoo Master is laying on his side as he continues to puff out smoke rings. He can see some figures approaching far below.

"Da Sleeper is content with watching for now. Rakanishu! Zzerkas will want some blood."
ED-E detect several figures approaching the northern mountains, as well as life signs already somewhere above, and changes course towards the people accordingly, turning off the music as he does so.

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