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"Well where may dat be? Unless we can devolve and dwell in a cave, that be the only solution."
"De-evolution isn't necessary, but we can take shelter in a cave for now."
"Now if we can find one..." I say getting up to take a step outside.
@Jester: accepted. The character list exceeds 10k chars, so I put your character in the OP.

This is just asking for something really bad to happen.

In the western swamp, a head rises and swivels, searching for the source of the noise. Not seeing anything, it goes back to eating weeds.

Other creatures show a greater interest in the music. Two are wolves which quickly decide against attacking the strange lifeless creature.

The other one is Churgh.

He is very interested indeed. He slinks out of the swampy waters he was resting in, and looks around.

Churgh was a Zergling. A few years ago, a Brood Mother tried to infest the planet. She met an... unfortunate end. However, many Zerg survived. Churgh was one. He evolved over time, and is now one of the greatest of the Swamplings. Certainly the largest. He makes his way Northeast to find his noisy prey...


O = mountain
- = ground
~ = swamp
V = ship
C = river
'0' = notable monster
OOC: I can troll Korozain and Zarkun right now but I am waiting for the Watcher to do something.


Darkness fell.

It is time. But no more... personifications.

It was not becoming of the Watcher to be described as if he was something that could be seen or grasped.


An evil power moved through down the slope of the North Mountain and to the banks of the River. It entered the insects that hovered over the water's surface...

Most of the passengers have regained consciousness and are milling about. One of them, a skinny blond teen, scratches his head. "Do you guys hear... buzzing?"
OOC: I have a feeling this RP may be slightly not as fun as it could be because Smylez is here because I know how much of a troll you are...

IC: I go outside and climb atop the ship, using the wing to get up there, and search the landscape for some kind of cave or even a hole. I hear an odd buzzing... Get back inside. The voice of my mother scratches at the back of my head. And I follow obediently, as if she was in front of me.
I'm a troll? My word!

I have grander plans. I won't do anything for now.
I perk up and listen. "I do. Back inside, now!" I run for the door, ducking in and helping the other passengers in.
10/25/2012 07:32 PMPosted by smylez
for now.
Exactly... haha.
The survivors rush for the ship. The last few are climbing up to the door when one lets out a sigh of relief. "Oh, it's just mosquitoes. A ton of 'em, though... Ouch! Big ones! Gotta be big as my thumb."
"Was anyone bitten by the bugs?" I say, thinking about the "Mosquitoes".
At the ship. Surprisingly, most of the passengers miraculously survived. Amazing, isn't it? Almost like divine intervention.

Well, maybe 'divine' is the wrong word...

EDIT - Korozain, you ninja'd me with an edit.



"Me. Ouch, it's swelling..."
Gods are all divine, just not always a good divine.

IC: "I didn't. I think that last guy was though." I pull him over, looking at the bugs out the window before closing it off.
OOC: Sorry, something seemed wrong about the first post i made.

IC: "I got a bad feelin' about dem bugs out there, when I hear momma's voice, sumthin's up."
"I got bitten too."

"And me."

"And... AH! LOOK!"

The man's skin has turned black and begun bubbling around his one bite mark. He clutches his arm and screams. A graying woman grabs her neck and shrieks in terror as it does the same.

The last one, a big bald guy with a tattoo that says 'pain,' was the last to get inside. His skin begins darkening in multiple places. He yells in horror and falls writhing to the ground.
"Jake! Stefan! Let's just go to the mountain now! We be in shallow graves if we stay here!"
I put a shot in each of their heads, ending their suffering. "Agreed." I blast a whole out the other side and sprint, the flamethrower function I'd given the rifle coming in handy. "Stay close!"
Just east of the South Mountain, two men approach each other. One raises his hand solemnly.

"The mountain is not God."

The other returns the gesture. "And the stones are not our master. Greetings, friend."

"Greetings, friend. You have something to report?"

"Another ship has fallen from the sky. Even now the Evil Ones move against them."

"And the Fallen? They are aware of their presence?"

"Not yet. There are few in the valley at this time. The primary tribe groups are currently elsewhere, under the watch of others."

"They will know soon. Their masters will tell them."

"And we will be ready. I go now to resume my post."

"Well done, Sentinel. Good fortune go with you."

The two salute each other and part ways.


Panicked people begin struggling with each other.

"He killed them!"

"No, they died!"

"Idiot, didn't you hear the shots?"

"The bugs are coming through that hole!"

They dash for the next door in and seal themselves behind it, though one suffers a bite before he gets inside. His leg swells and bubbles, and he lies in a corner moaning.
"At-pha's Gift? Fools, dey be runnin' to their deaths if dey be outside. And the stinged don't like to stay down for long. Perhaps diving into the river will save them? Shahaha!"

The Voodoo Master picks his nose and continues to look down. "There still be time before I go back to the tribes."

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