Zergling & Zealot 2: Hall of Legends, IV

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I was already near what seemed to be a fighter craft when I heard Umbra in my mind. Umbra, just please listen? Everything she said was true, it's not her fault that I never learned how to say no to anything. It's my fault that she is the way she is.
What is it, Cynthia? Talk to me. Maybe I can fix the problem somehow. You know I only want what's best for you.
We had another argument. Worse than the last one. She seems to be set off from the fact that she had to do everything to even get a speck of attention. She's angry because her own family, her true family, prefers me over her.
She needs to get over it, in my honest opinion. She's a complainer, she can't spar worth jack, and I've never heard a worse singing voice. She basically sucks at everything, and has no redeeming qualities. So don't worry about what she says. You're such a great kid, and yet you have to deal with that stony brother and your cousin Joan. So come back, we'll have some ice cream and go to the theaters.
I just want to leave for a little bit, I want to be finally be alone for some time. I never got that chance, and this is how you can make me happy. By letting me have some time alone.
If that's honestly what you want. But I want you to take the Bronze Armband. This I insist on.
I sigh after entering the ship. Okay, I'll take the Armband with me.

Might as well tell me what it is.
"Ah." The Daniels look at themselves and speak in unison. "I see. Unfortunately, due to my specific form of design, this could present a problem."
Joan raises an eyebrow. "Oh?"

Great. The Armband is connected to a "twin", which it will seek out whenever its wearer is in danger.
"As you can see, my body was duplicated, but my mind is intact. It could be difficult to..."

The Daniels pause and duck as a store of liquid Tibanna blows nearby, spitting flame and shrapnel in every direction.
Joan, infuriated, focuses her mental faculties to freeze the entire reality for a moment, the glow of her eyes illuminating the night. "Nobody blows up my employees!"
"Remember, we are in a warzone. They probably do not realize we are here."
I look over the crystal and sigh. "What's the symbol on here?"
I put the Armband around my wrist. And please, Umbra? Don't do anything to anyone just because of an argument.
Ah ah ah! Aunt Umbra. And you know I'd do anything to make sure you're okay. Anything.

Joan's glowing orange eyes regard Daniel and all his hims. "Fact of the matter, I don't care."

The crystal is apparently supposed to be cut to different shapes to augment certain capacities, like the famous diamond cut being a power enhancement to the blade.
...I choose it for color...That better be allowed.

IC: I take it and set to work. Four cuts later, I had a color crystal along with three augmentation crystals. "Next step then." I begin assembling things, using the Force to help me. I even float a silver crystal over for the construction of another lightsaber later on.
The Daniels shrug. "Very well. But in reference to business, what is your plan exactly?"
The lightsaber on the table is an excellent piece of construction, and fits Torvus's personality.

Joan smiles. "This." All but one of the Daniels collapse dead, and their essence feeds Joan. "Perfect." The many Small Soldiers have reached 35, meaning each one does 36 damage and has a movement speed of 18.
I pick it up and activate it, swinging the weapon experimentally. "This feels...right."
Siri returns with a steaming pair of cups. "To keep you awaaaaayke?" The Jedi stands in confusion.

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