Zergling & Zealot 2: Hall of Legends, IV

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I look at her. "What? I just did as I read and felt was right." The blade resembled a sword hilt, with all the shapes and feels. It even included a bit of a guard, with an energy shield to block other lightsaber blades. On the bottom was a button that activated a personal energy shield around me. "I think it turned out well."
Siri looks astonished. "Most learners take a day or two to build their lightsabers. I took a week on mine, so it would be just right. And you do yours in a few hours?"
I shrug. "Like I said, I followed the directions the Force gave me." I deactivate the blade. "Did I do something wrong?"
Siri just looks Torvus over. "I think the Temple will want to know about you."
"The Temple? What exactly do you mean?"
Siri decides to just show Torvus a video Yoda made to make the general public more enlightened about the Jedi Order.
"Ok, and why would they be interested in me?" I was leaning against a tree, not in the least bit tired. Years of assassinations made that possible.
Siri just sighs. "You're an ideal candidate. Maybe you can convince them to accept older recruits."
"Well, I'll see what I can do. Will this require a trip to Coruscant, or can we just contact them via vidcomm?" I had clipped the lightsaber to my waist, where it's weight was quite reassuring.
Siri smiles at this. "Let's surprise them in person."
I nod. "Alright, I'm for it." I follow Siri to one of their gunships and climb on, attaching my PDA to my wrist and drawing up the blueprints for it. I removed the little balls and instead put a bomb bay near the back. {I'm going to pay the Jedi Council a visit with Siri, Joan. Should be back soon.}
{Six kinds of what now? How will I reach you when we need to leave?}
{My comm has some impressive range. I shouldn't be long. Trust me. I'll send you the blueprints for the dropship I just designed.} Hitting a button on my PDA, I send Joan the blueprints for the Hellbringer Dropship.
{Nice. I'll run this through the scanners.}

Let me process this for a while so that I can adequately rage at the...
TM rip off?
Universe pollution?
The fall of a good name?
Invoking Yoda in a non-awesome sentence?
Betrayal of the SC2 tradition of Zergling and Zealot?

I don't know.

I just... Don't know.
Whassa matter, Zanon? You can't wrap your head around the weirdness that is my fevered brain?
And yes, I feel shame at not invoking Yoda's name properly.
{Roger. See you soon.} I stand ready as the gunship takes off, and I look at the forests below. I could almost stay here if I didn't have a life elsewhere.
I saw a a plaque on the fighter, it had coordinates on it.
The gunship takes the pair up to a Republic Star Destroyer.
I marvel at the ship and draw up some more blueprints. This could be potentially the greatest thing ever. "Wow, that kicks the pants off the stuff where I come from."

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