Zergling & Zealot 2: Hall of Legends, IV

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Siri sits back. "Explain where you're from. I'm curious."
"I'm from a place called the Koprulu Sector. I...work as an assassin there, killing my marks as needed. We have your humans, or Terrans as we're called, an alien race bent on destroying everything called the Zerg and a super advanced race called the Protoss."
Siri frowns. "Every species is reliant on the universe. Even these 'Zerg' must have some drive, and it just appears to be mindless destruction. This Koprulu sounds dangerous and dynamic." She purses her lips. "Peace just doesn't last."
"The Zerg make it nigh on impossible to have peace. But they mostly target the Terran Dominion, so I rarely deal with them."
Siri frowns. "Well, at least they have a defined target."
Yo. Techsuit.

"For now. There's a rather long and complicated history behind that reason."
Siri leans back. "As this will be a long trip, flesh out what you can."

Hey. Raiding those crystals. I'm making one.
<Be careful. One little mess up can cause the thing to explode on activation and take of your hand. Follow the datapad and use the Force, not your psionics.> "Alright..." I start relating the story of the Koprulu sector to Siri.
Quite the rant Zanon.
Siri stops him around the middle of the Brood War. "Wait, wait, wait. Humans have a homeworld called Earth? Where is that?"

I know, I saw everything you did.
I shrug. "Milky way galaxy. That's all I know. Never been there myself. Takes years to reach there. May I continue?"

<Alright, just don't hurt yourself.>
Siri frowns. "Continue."

If anyone is to be warned, warn my enemies before I slice them into such small pieces they can't be put together by Victor Frankenstein.
"Right." I continue the tale.

<I'm being serious, Joan. I did it with all the extra stuff and I'm still wary.>
Siri absorbs all this. "That" she begins "has got to be the single most disturbing hallucination anyone has ever had."

I know what I'm doing.

"No hallucination. I watched the Zerg attack with twice the ferocity that they'd started with in the past. Kerrigan was determined. That all happened while I was else where however, working for an Umojan."

<Tell me when you're done.>
Siri shakes her head. "That's just not possible. Reality's very different from that, and no human has successfully left this galaxy. The human homeworld is believed to be Coruscant. There is no 'Earth', no 'Zerg', no 'Protoss'."
I chuckle, pulling up a recording of me in combat with a zealot. "Call that a hallucination."
Siri looks confused. "But how . . . what . . . explain?"
"I was on a mission helping the Raiders take out a Tal'darim general. That's him. Zealot class and almost killed me. Fortunately, I know how to handle a Zealot."
Siri goes red. 'Explain how you got here!"

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