Zergling & Zealot 2: Hall of Legends, IV

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"That one I'm not so sure about. I only signed on as a guard and then I found something worth learning. And hence Anakin and Obi-wan pointed me to you. I'm not here to cause trouble. I'm here to learn."
"At least I'm a better pilot than brother." The engines started up.
As I've been put in charge, I suppose I should DM something to keep this thing alive.

The spiders continue their prowling of town until daybreak, then vanish back into the forest.
Siri considers how to word her question. "How did you arrive in this galaxy?"
"You'd have to ask Joan for explicits. I'm not sure I understand it. I just know we used some kind of remote to jump dimensions and we sorta landed here running from something else."
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Quite the rant Zanon.

I still haven't decided if I am going to launch a proper rant or not.
Siri looks even more confused than when you began talking. "Okay."
"I'm confused too. Let's just agree to tell the Council I'm from outside known space."
Siri nods. "That makes more sense than what you told me."
I nod. "Which is why I chose it. How much longer before we get to Coruscant?"
Siri starts on meditating. "A few hours."
I sigh and nod. "I'm gonna wander the ship. Comm me when we get there." I walk away, looking for the mess hall. I was hungry.
I wake up hungry. The fight with those giant spiders left my magnificence tired and now hungry. I slither into town hoping The Defiler has reopened.

OOC: Im bringing this thing back to life
It isn't dead, just stagnated until KO has his power back.
KO will return.
The Defiler is still in the process of being repaired with a sign outside the Warren saying that they were undergoing renovations. A third sign was outside the Smiles Hotel saying that they were serving nonmembers in the restaurant until further notice.
I know it's a double post, but this needs saving.

IC: I find the hall and grab some food, sitting down in a corner and eating. The clones, while physically identical, were all varying of personality, and that encouraged me. Just meant there was hope for humanity yet.
Daniel hopse fervently that Joan doesn't overreact to much.

I talk with my lawyer. "So, what's bail?"

"30,000 credits."

"Well, that's not too bad. Let's..."

"Oops, I misread that. 3,000,000 credits."

Wow, this thread has gotten so big since i last saw it last year.
Anyway I'm going to sign up.

Character Name: Q
Character Race: Terran
Character Class: Medivac Pilot
Character Armament: Warp Dagger, Cloaking Device
Hey Quawesome. Long time no see.

This isn't the original Z+Z either just a rehash.

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