Zergling & Zealot 2: Hall of Legends, IV

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I know, i can tell cuz Nick and Vultureling aren't here :P
As well as on the first page.
I know I haven't been on the Z & Z threads since #7
Joan raises an eyebrow. "Didn't quite catch that."

[I have entirely forgotten my plot plans]
Finishing eating, I head back to Suri. "How much longer?"
Q wakes up in a clear capsule. He slowly pries the door open and steps outside. He wakes up in an unknown place and takes in his surroundings. He notices that the chamber he stepped out of was a cryogenic preservation chamber. He slowly walks up to the information desk, and asks,"Where am I?"
Going to go ahead and leave this now as well... Sorry.
Oh yeah, you're accepted. Sorry, I thought this had died. But now that it is alive again...

IC: Several Zerglings moved stealthily towards the city jail.

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