Zergling & Zealot 2: Hall of Legends, IV

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I hand him a small silver bracelet. "The remote she has lets her go absolutely anywhere between dimensions, but that will ensure you can always follow. Hit the button on the side, and you will appear five feet behind Joan, no matter where she is or what she's doing."
"Okay..." I press the button and find myself in the strange dimension. "Where the hell am I?"
I chuckle and see the droids. Deciding to help out, I use Glacies and fire a barrage of diamond hard ice sickles, cutting down a good number of the droids. Then I move on.
Daniel jumps as Korzis appears face-to-face with him. Uh oh, it's Korzis. Better make myself scarce. He decides to destroy a column of battle droids nonchalantly.
Another giant spider leaps onto my head and I blast with needle spines point blank which tore it into goey bits. Another one shoots some sticky stuff ensnaring my arms. It jumps onto my chest and starts to bite down but my arm gets free and I cut the monster in half and slice open the webbing.
Joan turns around. "Korzis?! What're you doing here?"
"Um. Firstly, where the hell is here?" I ask, confused. Something shoots at me. I quickly move and aim my pistol at it and shoot it's neck until it head comes off.
Joan gestures around. "Dimension 771977. I decided to come here on a lark, but it's a blast. I see stuff that would be killer to have, but I don't know how to go about getting it."
"Snatch it?" Another thing fires at me and I crush it into a flat plate with a barrier coming down from above. "Stop shooting at me."
Dude, Star Wars universe, Clone Wars period. Adjust your enemies accordingly.

Joan blasts apart a few droids with ease. "That's wrong. Dad tells me interdimensional relations are very touchy."
"Exactly. Flat plate, do you really think I could turn a biological being into a plate? No. It was a droid."

"Well what the hell are these?" Another one shoots at me. "Okay, stop firing at me for a few seconds!" I charge at it and charge energy through my Katana and cut the thing in half.
Joan gestures. "Battle droids. There's a war here, and we're aligning with the other side- they're using cloned soldiers."
"I thought cloning caused serious defects and that's why it is not allowed." As the things prepare to shoot at me again I chop the droids up. I glare, my eyes burning. "STOP OR I WILL TEAR YOU ALL APART!"
I could hear another voice over the radio as I moved through the halls of the ship. {Joan, who the hell is talking?}
Joan shrugs. "It does if the code is manipulated poorly." {Friend of mine, Korzis Ravius.}
{Right. Was he supposed to show up?} I duck into a side hall, some assassin looking droids going by. Once they were past, I moved into the main hall and reached the command bridge. {Also, I'm at the command bridge. Tell me when you want me to go in for the kill.}
{Any time is fine. Just be careful. And his arrival was a surprise, but not exactly a negative one.} A four-legged Droid with tubelike weapons to either side scuttles by.
{Roger.} I move in and go to attack the person who is obviously the commander. Only to find Incendia stopped by a plasma sword.

OOC: Drac, you should probably be the Commander.
The Nemodian cowers. "Aah!" His hired protector stares at him. "Would you shut up for five seconds?" The redheaded woman eyes Torvus, plasma blade in each hand, and moving one about her with the efforts of her mind.
"How did they perfect the code?" I ask.

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