Zergling & Zealot 2: Hall of Legends, IV

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I force the blade up and draw Glacies, their respective elements coming alive on the blades. I decloak. "Well, surprised someone saw me. Guess I should fix that."
Joan shrugs. "Maybe they've been at it so long they have more successes than mistakes."

The woman bows. "Teach me your name, opponent. It is dueling tradition for the winner to give the loser a PROPER burial."
I chuckle. "Well, if you win, I'll tell you. Of course, you probably won't win, even with three of them."
The woman laughs. "There shall be no time after combat. I shall introduce myself first, then. Aurra Sing."
"Sorry, never heard of you." I swing from both sides, hoping to bait her into blocking with two and attack with the third. Then I could use a surprise of mine.
She simply rolls backward with ridiculous speed and grace, and uses her hovering blade to stab at Torvus's back.
"They are master cloners," Daniel replies. "I happen to know a little about this place. It is on the verge of succumbing to the rule of evil."
"Well. That must suck a lot." I say as others prepare to shoot me. I speed forward and slice its head off. "You know what, I;m just going to kill these things." I start slashing and hacking down every droid nearby.
Joan raises an eyebrow. "You do? Does your employer have you reality-hop or something?"
I spin around the blade, kicking it up into the ceiling. "Good try. However, I don't live this long by being overconfident and ignoring an opponents advantages."
Sing steps in and takes a rapid slide, slicing at one of Torvus's legs with one blade, blocking with the other. The floating one drops a bit, then goes for Torvus's arm.
A short burst of flame from Incendia burns Sing's arm forcing her to stop that attack, then I cut the third sword in half. "Amatuer." I attack Glacies from below, Incendia from above.
Sing simply leaps away, using the same force seen in Anakin's leap. She bowls Torvus over using an unseen capability.
I roll and recover, leaping forward and cutting off her pinky and ring finger, forcing her to drop a sword. "You're overconfident with those mods of yours. It's unbecoming."
Sing frowns, then closes her eyes. A simple black ovoid forms around her. The Nemodian looks on in horror, then flees to the escape pod bank.
Judging from the commander's reaction, I get the feeling I should run. Grabbing the plasma sword I'd forced her to drop, I take off after the commander. He was dead, one way or another.
Energy flowed toward Aurra, knocking nearby living things down. The commander holds on to the escape pod bank for dear life.

Kenobi looks up at the sky. "Cancel all ships in the area, repeat, all ships keep away from Kashyyyk!"
I finally catch up to him and run him through, Incendia cauterizing the wound to save a mess. {Joan, I'm coming down in an escape pod. Keep watch for me.} I climb in and eject the pod, heading for the planet below.
{Something big's going down. I won't miss seeing you.} Suddenly, a massive twitch of energy ripples, and all living things near the ship perish.
I crash through the trees and hit the ground. I, however, had forgot to strap in, so I hit my head. "OW!" Kicking the end of the pod open, I step and and rub my head. {On the ground. Which way do I need to walk?}

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