Zergling & Zealot 2: Hall of Legends, IV

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{That was . . . horrible. I've never felt so weak.} The comm shuts off.
"I have not travelled between reality myself, but I was significantly educated during creation. I suspect my employer wanted his 'gift' to be of quality, so I was created according to optimum specifications, such as intelligence, appearance, and knowledge."
{Joan? Joan!} "Damn." I sigh and move towards where I think they might be. "Great, all alone, with no guide on an unfamiliar planet. Great." I move deeper into the forest.
I pushed the button as well...I then disappeared from Shadow and found myself somewhere else. It was dark and I had no idea if the others were in here with me. "Hello? Is anyone there?"
Daniel jumps. I'm never going to get used to this.

"Cynthia? What are you doing here?"
I screamed in surprise. "Oh, it's only you. I managed to come in here through a button. So I came in to find all of you."
Daniel chuckles nervously. "Well, we're here."
Looking around in the darkness of the surrounding area. "Where is here?"
"We're in Realm Poly-5 XX variant CXR, by official Brotherhood designation. Another universe. In specific, a planet called Kashyyk, which is caught in the middle of the Clone Wars."
That peaked my interest. "Brotherhood? Kashyyk? Clone Wars?"
He frowns. "Yes, are those familiar to you? I would assume you know of the Brotherhood, due to your association with Shadow, but I did not expect you to recognize those others."
Joan collapses, watching Cynthia and Daniel. "Dan, help me out and get me an aspirin or something. Got a killer headache."
I cut through another set of branches and sigh. This was taking too long. {Ummm...Obi-wan? I could use a pick up.}
{Understood. BARC are on their way.} A high metallic whine echoes through the forest.
{Thanks.} I take a seat on a log and wait.
That is odd. I would not have expected her to collapse from a headache.

He walks over to her. "This will work better." He hands her a small clear packet filled with a yellow-green liquid. "It is a natural remedy, combining the best of several worlds' natural painkilling herbs."
Joan smiles. "Thanks. This just came out of the blue, right on cue with that weird explosive."

The red and silver hover bikes slide up, and one trooper gets off of his and hitches a ride on his ally's. "Here you are, sir."
I climb on, testing the controls. "Thanks. Which way back to base?"
The pair riding together waves. "Follow us." They speed off.
"Right..." I speed after them. These guys had some fun toys. If nothing else, I was getting the blueprints.

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