Zergling & Zealot 2: Hall of Legends, IV

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Joan observes the scene with BARC bikes, and starts sketching. "Too loud, too slow." She signs the blueprint "speeder bike" with a flourish.
I pull up next to Joan, a huge grin on my face. "Tell me you're taking notes. Oh, and I got one of those swords." I pull it off my belt and show it to Joan. "Now to find someone who knows how to use it."
Joan nods. "Alright, man. I have improvement notes. And those blades are gonna make it all work out."
I chuckle. "Yeah, well, I still say we should learn how to use them. I mean, this thing is a definite up from the vulture."
She nods. "Way more maneuverable, quite a bit faster, and a plasma burst doesn't hurt. I might put on a Spider Mine dropper to cinch the deal."
I chuckle. "I was actually thinking the spider mine could use an upgrade. It's done well and all, but, well, it's a bit outdated. Think we could find something here to use?"
She smiles. "They appear to have better tech all over, so I don't see why not."
I think for a moment. "Maybe the enemy camp has something. I mean, what one side lacks, the other will have. I could cloak and go check it out."
Joan nods. "Be quick. With Cynthia here, Dad's liable to know we're here, so I'm probably in trouble."
Daniel scrathces his head. "Because she's here? I do not see the connection, miss Joan."
I nod and vanish from sight, heading towards the enemy encampment. Should have at least a useful AI design if nothing else.
I quickly followed behind the others, making sure that they weren't out of sight as I watched them closely. Pulling out my Crossbow I kept an eye out for anyone else as well.
Joan nods. "Dad has the only other remote, and Korzis used the bracelet. It makes sense that whoever comes here following Korzis is following me on his orders."
"Ah, of course. I assumed you and your friends sifted through dimensions randomly on a regular basis."
Joan shakes her head. "Dad wants to go with me, so I don't 'ruin dimensions'. Pfft."
He nods. "I understand the concern, though you seem more than capable of maneuvering without disrupting the plots of other worlds."
Joan smiles. "Thank you! I wish that once, just once, he'd trust me with this stuff. Dimension jumping, blueprint sketching, even Files! But no. I get 2D clearance, because I'm only sixteen. Pfft."
I slowly lower myself down and notice a small droid walker, with a single cannon and I thought about it and grinned. Writing it up in my PDA, I name the blueprints "Spider Assault Transport" and move on, looking for a suitable replacement for the spider mine.
"Many people find it difficult to trust youths with important secrets. Still, I imagine you must take some pride in what you are trusted with. After all, there are probably people in the Dominion who would sell their soul to get access to some of the data you have access to, and even the Queen of Blades doesn't get to dimension-hop."
Drac, as it escapes me if the SW universe holds such a thing, could you maybe mini-DM Torvus finding something.

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