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There is one thing, but it was called a "failed development" in the SW universe- the Scatter Droid. It was supposed to be a replacement for Buzz Droids (pictured in Episode III), but they were far too expensive to make into basically an exploding, machine disassembling, blowtorch wielding minibot.

Joan shrugs. "It just offends me a little that Dad trusts employees he barely knows more than his own daughter."
Daniel shrugs. "Consider me, then. My creator is not technically my father, but is the closest thing I have to one. Yet he didn't even tell me what message I was carrying, nor did he inform me I was to be someone's personal servant."
Joan looks sympathetically at Daniel. "Sorry for complaining. Want a tic tac?" She thrusts the small orange mints in his face.
"A 'tic-tac?' I am afraid I am not acquainted with that aspect of this universe."
Joan giggles. "My dad has a bunch of stuff from Earth's history. It's from our universe, in the past."
I come across a little droid and pick it up. "This should work with some tinkering." Storing it, I head back and decloak next to Joan. "Here's a droid that should work." I hand it to her.
She eyes it. "Alright. Looks expensive, but we can get around the cost with Poltergeist material."
I chuckle. "Maybe we could improve it too. Oh, here." I show her the Spider Assault Transport I'd drawn up. "How's that?"
Daniel, meanwhile, is sucking curiously at a tic-tac.
Joan nods, and gets out her pencil again. "Okay, I see where you're going with this."
I nod. "An all direction, all terrain transport. Even capable of going into space and upside down."
Joan smirks. "Don't be too hasty, I don't draw that well."
"Sorry, just excited." I sit down, looking over the weapon I'd managed to steal. Anakin walked up right then and noticed.

"Where'd you find the lightsaber?" I look at him confused.

Anakin activates his. "The weapon of a Jedi Knight. These blades of energy are equally as effective at defense as attack, and not used loosely."
Joan nods. "Yeah, uh huh. I want one."
I look it over. "I took it off the source of that explosion earlier. Gal by the name of Aurora Sing. I was actually wondering if you or Obi-wan could teach me how to use it."

OOC: I'm gonna have him be trained as a Jedi and such. It pertains to FOCC is why.
Anakin laughs. "Neither of us is permitted to train two at once. I do know someone, though."

My plan is to bring in Siri, who took on a mysterious apprentice who vanished days into his training, which was the stigma bringing up an encounter with Lorian Nod, Count Dooku's mischievous childhood friend. See? I connect to lore.
Well done. This could work after all.

IC: I perk up. "I'll take whoever, long as I get a chance to learn."
Anakin nods. "Siri Tachi, General Kenobi's old friend, will be sure to take you on as an apprentice."
I grin. "Where would I find her?"
"She's up in the tree village. I'm going to be down here."
Joan smiles. This Siri will train us both. I'll watch from here.

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