Zergling & Zealot 2: Hall of Legends, IV

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I nod. "Thanks." I look for a way up and spot the elevator mechanism. Getting on, I ride up. <Sure you don't want to come?>
Nah. My fire support is keeping back this robotic horde. Besides, Anakin said that one can't train two.
Technically it could be possible, but the Jedi Order's traditions forbid it.
<Alright, alright, you make a good point.> I reach the top and step out, looking for Siri.
Daniel looks uncomfortable. "I do not believe this is a good idea. He could disrupt the plot."

Dee'Em watches. Time to test my weapon out.

A gunship lands, and several Clones and a small female leap out.
KO, I'm being bluntly honest that if this doesn't happen it messes with a future RP.
I'm not stopping you, just having my character say what his personality dictates he would say.
Ah ok. Just clarifying.
Joan raises an eyebrow at Daniel. "What'd you say?"

Now go.
<I'm looking, I'm looking.> I continue searching, using a translator I'd picked up to understand the wookies as they were called, though I had a feeling I'd understand them without it at the rate I needed help.
. . . I should have chosen a male char. I work with almost all females, after the maintenance area in Reckoning, Jester falling into obscurity when HBRB left, and most of my male chars being off camera during Techsuit.

A raven haired, golden eyed woman stands waiting. "You are?"
"Torvus Jentus. I'm come to ask you for training as a Jedi at Anakin's and Obi-wan's reccomendation."
She raises an eyebrow quizzically. "Aren't you a little old to begin training?"
I shrug. "Let's just say I'm more talented and younger then these scars make me look." I pull out the lightsaber I'd taken off of Sing. "Took this off a gal named Aurora Sing on that command ship."
Tachi's eyebrow goes up further. "Aurra Sing? The Jedi-slayer?"
I nod. "I don't kill those type for a living, but she was a bit too overconfident in her abilities, and uneducated in my own." I draw Incendia, the blade igniting into a blue flame. "I'm...not from around these parts."
She smiles. "I can tell that much."
"All I ask for is a chance to learn."
Siri Tachi grins. "Tie part of your hair into a braid, and take these." She hands him some robes. "So you'll at least look the part."
I do as I'm told, but I miss the feel of my armor. "I'm ready."

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