Zergling & Zealot 2: Hall of Legends, IV

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"I just think this world's plot could be disrupted by his actions. Well, there are forces in play that should intervene if things get out of hand."
Siri smiles. "You military types are never comfortable in robes."

Joan shrugs. "If things go nuts, Dad always knows somehow."
Daniel nods sagely. "Most likely he has installed a monitoring device on or in you."
So what's going on with Cynthia right now.
I shrug. "The armor's saved my life more times than I care to count. But, nothing bad could possibly happen here." I almost slap myself. Something bad always happens after that's said.
I was worried and it was showing. "This isn't even our timeline, it's not our dimension? What happens if he changes the whole outcome of this dimension from a simple choice?"
Joan snorts. "Sounds like Dad." She turns to Cynthia. "Don't freak. If something goes on, Dad can just 'split' this dimension. I don't understand it myself, but it lets him make two copies of a dimension. One where something happened, and another where it didn't."
My curiousty took over. "So if anything, Torvus ends up creating an alternate universe?"
Joan laughs. "Basically. Dad creates alternates all the time, to see what if something happened."
"Even without his help, it is a natural process. However, it is frowned upon because the ethics of creating a universe that could potentially be bad are... questionable. And there are people who like to jump in and take over universes created in that manner."
Joan raises an eyebrow. "Take over alternate realities? Do you have any idea how hard it would be to do that?"
"Surprisingly, it's not hard at all. It has happened numerous times. There are laws and securities in place to prevent it, and peacekeeping factions use military force to protect the uniqueness of each world if necessary... but more universe means more froces are necessary. Eventually those worlds have to essentially be conceded to whoever wants them."
Joan looks confused. "It's an entire reality. What has that kind of power?" Her eyes sparkle. "I want it."
I whispered that word to myself. "...power..." One that could be a dark desire and passion to some people. It's seductive in its on way. Corruption and lies leads to it, then something happens to them. "Are you sure that's a good idea?"
Oh, no. Daniel looks alarmed. "Most of that power stems from being able to move through worlds and learn new things. When one person does that, they become powerful. When a whole army, or even an entire civilization does it, they become... powerful. But I would advise against having anything to do with that. Those people (most of which aren't even people in the loosest sense) are very dangerous."
She grins wildly. "Good to know, Daniel. And I think you can help me with something." She churns out Academy era Small Soldiers.
"Of course. What do you need help with?"
I was worried and nervous about all of this. "This isn't a good idea, this is not going to go well."
Joan hands Daniel a small glass. "Drink this. It'll let everything go smoother."

I run my fingers through my hair. Where are my chemicals?
Daniel frowns. He gives Joan his "I'm trusting you on this" look and lifts the glass to his lips.

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