Zergling & Zealot 2: Hall of Legends, IV

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I then remembered what happened last time when Korzis was subjected to a liquid. "Daniel, don't do this. You don't know what you are getting yourself into."
He pauses, puzzled. "What do you mean? I am sure Joan doesn't intend to poison... I don't believe I've made myself that much of an annoyance."
Joan looks at Cynthia, bewilderment on her face. "I intend him no ill will, I assure you."
My own face was serious about all of this. "Joan, this is still not a good idea though. Power is dangerous. It's seductive and can lead to dark promises that are dangerous to everyone around you."
Joan eyes Cynthia warily. "I've had to compete with you my entire life. Now that I have my chance to show everyone that I'm worth paying attention to, and you're advising me against it?" Her eyes glow viciously. "You'd better shut that pretty mouth of yours, or I can strand you in some twisted and hostile reality. And I can go right home and claim I did my best to help you, but your remote broke and I couldn't tell where you went."
"What, is this drink designed to make me powerful? I do not see the connection."

He frowns a little at Joan's mistreatment of Cynthia, but like before says nothing.
"I'm not perfect! Why can't you just let that pride of yours leave? I'm sorry if I got more attention, I'm sorry. For I didn't have the choice, it was thrust upon me!" Energy was starting to course through my veins but then I shut the thought out. I didn't want to endanger the lives of everyone else.
Daniel backs away a little. His experience with females is still extremely limited and he has no wish to be between two fighting ones.
Joan explodes in fury. "You might not have asked for it, cousin, but you sure as hell never said no. You took it all in. When Auntie Umbra gives you tickets to the latest Firehead concert, you never refuse. You go with her and whatever friends are your favorites. You never even invite your cousin. You just do what you do, never once looking at the person you've been stepping on the whole way. I'm sick of it!"
Tears were running down my face, because everything that was being said... Was all true. "Tell brother that I loved him, even with our fights that we have. Because he will never see me again if that is what you want. And don't lie to me, you want me to disappear forever." I pressed the button on remote and I had left, after appearing back in the ship I had put the remote back and quickly left.
Joan lets out a breath. "You know what? That felt real good. I've been holding in all this hate, it's been starting to get the better of me." She looks at Daniel. "Well?"
I'm waiting on Siri...
Aren't we all? LOL.

She turns, and inspects the surroundings. "Calm enough. I want you to reach out. Feel everything around you. Feel their interactions through the Force. Permit it to penetrate your very being."
I made myself far away from the parking lot, far away from that damned remote and near a tree. Hiding my face I wept silently. "It's all true, and yet she still calls me perfect? Everyone is wrong, guess it's time for me to just disappear for good this time."
I nod and do as I'm told, feeling...everything. "Whoa, this is...different."
Umbra, on her way back, eyes Cynthia. "What's wrong? Someone hurt you?" A feral gleam appears in the woman's eyes. "Just give me the name, and I'll find them, put 'em six feet under for you." She leans in. "Or is it boy trouble? I heard you had a thing for some mystery dude. Need 'help'?"

Siri nods, stifling a laugh unsuccessfully. "It always does, the first time. My first time was when I was three."
I look at her quizzically. "Three? Damn. Well, it certainly feels...nice. I didn't know someone could do this."
Siri nods. "Yeah. Normally, we start training as infants. The oldest ever to be inducted into the Order was Skywalker, who was nine. You'd be a bit of a record, to say the least."
I chuckle. "Well, not trying to set any records just learn. I'm ready to move on to the next thing whenever you are."
Siri nods. "Well, next is usually training with a lightsaber to deflect sting bolts. You're blinded, and have to react using the Force. But . . ." She bites her lower lip " . . . I don't seem to have a blast helmet to block out your sight."

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