DirectX/OpenGL error?

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Everytime I tried to load sc2, I get to the login and the game freezes then crashes then I get this window pops up and says DirectX/OpenGL error and also says it may indicate a problem with an out of date video card driver... I checked my drivers and it says they are all up to date, so could I please have some help?
I am facing the exact same issue. Need help too
Try these


1. Try increasing the paged pool size in windows in the following registry key:

HKLM/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Control/Session Manager/Memory Manager

There is a DWord value "PagedPoolSize". It's default is 0x00000000.

You can set this value to 0xFFFFFFFF to force windows to use as much available memory for Paged Pool (in theory 4gb, but windows won't support this much, so it will allocate as much as is available).

2. Update Java.
Before I mess with my registry, could it be possible this is caused by an out of date version of Direct X or something? I currently have DirectX 9.0 running on Windows XP, 32-bit (Service Pack 3)

It's particularly weird for me, because the game was starting up and running, and playing fine for a while. After one of the update patches about a month or so ago it began crashing but only in the occasional online match. The crashes got more frequent over the last few days and so I finally decided to look into my Video card drivers. They were pretty out of date so i got the most recent ones. But now once I got the updated drivers the game wont even start. Correction, it started once.. let me into one game, the screen completely glitched out and I had to close the program. After that it wont graphically load the login screen. Its all color distortion, but I can see it trying, and I can see it is letting me type, just cant make out what it is.

So it seems to be EVEN WORSE now with my updated drivers. Does that make any sense??

I'm not the best at this stuff, but not the worst either.. so I'm hoping with a little guidance I can figure this out, any help would be really great!!
10/27/2012 06:04 PMPosted by UnivrsCnqrer
I currently have DirectX 9.0 running on Windows XP, 32-bit (Service Pack 3)

I'm so sorry.
+1 for this error...
What the hell's wrong? Is it my driver? video card ? or just blizzard issue with this game?
I would like to know since I just bought a new GTX 670 and who knows, it could be defect
Hey there, LeugimX.

This thread is a few months old. When you get the chance, can you create a new thread detailing the issue you're experiencing and post it on the Technical Support forum?


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