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I sigh. "Then it seems I am in need of meeting the new Jedi Grand Master and the new Council. If you could, I'd like to do so now."
As Jacen leads the way to the Temple, giving a who's who, Jaina does the history lesson.
"Well, it seems much has happened in my absence. I feared Anakin was drifting towards the Dark Side, but I kept my silence. Tell me, is Master Luke his son?"
Jaina nods. "Yes. It was a big shock to him when he found out."
"Can't say I'm surprised. How many of the Council members are here?"
Jaina shakes her head. "Council is all gone. Uncle Luke runs a much more loose operation.
"Is he here? I'd like to speak with someone before I head to Kyyshyk."
Jaina shrugs. "His X-wing is still here."

Spell it Kashyyyk.
The disguised all regroup at a resturant, and seat themselves, almost looking like they are talking to one another.

OCC: Lekrog, is my character in the Discussion/PreRP accepted?
Brain fart ok?

IC: "Then I imagine he's still here. Where might I find him?"
Jaina smiles. "Determined to be done with your business? He's probably near the upper levels of the center pyramid, the main temple."
I nod. "A friend of mine is in need of assistance, so yes, maybe just a bit." I look at the temple. What had I missed besides the Empire?
If he heard about the Empire, he heard about the Jedi Purge.
I'm assuming it was in the history lesson.

IC: I nod to Jacen and Jaina. "Thank you for the help. I'm going to go ahead and go meet him." I head off, making as much of a beeline as possible for the temple. I couldn't help but notice the strange looks I was getting with the armor that was on my robes.
A rather gangly Wookie bumps into Torvus, and a golden apparatus at his belt responds in a crisp British accent. "How rude!"
I stop and look back at the Wookie. "Excuse me?"
The Wookie points at the gold oval, which has the semblance of a protocol droid's face. "I said, how rude!"
"I apologize, but I need to speak with Master Skywalker. I can answer any questions you have later."
Torvus gazes upon a staircase that apparently leads up the mile height of the temple.
I sigh. Why didn't they have elevators? I start the trek, not sure where I might find Luke, so I watched for him on every floor.

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