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Out of breath on the top floor, Torvus finds the black clad Jedi Master. "Hello."
Taking a moment to compose myself, I bow. "Master Skywalker?"
"Yes, I am Luke Skywalker. What is it you come for?" Luke smiles warmly.
"I've come to see what I've missed in the last fifty odd years. I'm Jentus Torvus, Knight of the Old Order."
Tratos shifted from foot-to-foot. He knew that most of the normal people did not like him, or anyone like him. But he had a voice, and, as said by his predecessor, every voice shall be heard. And today, his voice, and many others, would join the fight against the Collective.

{Flint? Mr. Flint, I believe it is Flint Sr.? Come in, please. This is Tratos of the Outcasts. I request to speak to you, if you happen to have a moment. I would prefer a meeting in person, but if you have no time open, I understand.}

He sends the message out to space, and begins to wait.
Luke nods. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Master Jentus of the Old Order."

I am fine.
My Master Link and Jigen-tou modules were removed, but Karen has given me good home.
For a reason I cannot explain, I can speak to you.
Letting you know now, this dimension is a hazard minefield.
I cringe mentally. <Tell me it isn't the dimension I'm thinking of.> "Tell me, what happened to Obi-wan? I was told he died, but...I need to know how. We became good friends while I was here. Then I need to know the current state of affairs. And please tell me someone here knows who Master Siri is."
Luke nods. "Jedi Knight Siri Tachi, responsible for the distraction that kept away half of the Separatist fleet during the infamous Battle of Coruscant. And Master Obi-Wan was cut down by Darth Vader."

Can you tell me the dimension code? I memorized them.
<84299876.> "I know who Vader was, Luke, I spoke with your niece and nephew. And I'm glad someone recognized the name. I was her apprentice. What of the current state of affairs?"
{This is Johnathan Flint Sr. I am currently occupied for the moment. I can have my AI relay you the current coordinates that I am located at if you really wish to speak in person otherwise I would recommend that you find my son Junior on the planet of Troy.}
I continue looking over a the scout reports and the map that we were making of the planet.


I follow Corso and while relaying orders for the deployment of the recent arrivals. The rest of the Battle mechs head towards the ship to rally with the rest of the forces and my mech, reactivated by me using a small PDA and set into autopilot, follows behind me.
Corso stops at an apartment building, working on opening the door. "What was your take on the Commander?"
"Seems to be more towards the military commanders that think more inside the box and more forward with their attack approach. See dad try to work with plenty of those. Not sure how he was able to keep his temper in check when dealing with some of them." I shrug slightly.
"Well, that was the first attack he's made in days. We've been on the defensive for a long time. It's the reason our defenses and equipment are so damaged."
"Hmmm.. Dad normally fights defensively to start but after the main defenses are set he has small groups go out an harass the enemy. I try to adapt to tactics similar to those since those prove to work best in our favor. How often does Reese have raids sent out?"
That is the dimension I have been hidden in.
Agent Shadow visited once, but never fully charted it.
His nickname was the Kami dimension.
"That's the thing. He hasn't. He's done nothing but sit in here, letting them wash against the walls. Today was the first action he's taken since the siege started."


<Alright, so now I have to figure out how to get the hell out of here, to there.>
I let off a sigh. "This city may be well designed but it cannot weather all attacks forever. It would only be a short stent before the Collective sends their capitol ship and levels the city."
"I'm told Endgame is in orbit with the new Hades-class stealth striker. It cloaks any nearby friendly ships." Corso opens the door and leads the way to his apartment. "Still, you're right."
I set my mech to standby and it waits out side the complex. It has shields protecting it from anyone trying to steal it. "Well be better work on getting the Collective off of the planet. How do you all plan on doing this."
Luke sighs. "Finally, peace. The Yuuzhan Vong invasion has finally been repelled, and the Empire is now a separate, more peaceful government."

Something tells me you won't be having an issue with that.

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