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<Why?> "That's good to hear. How fair relations between the wookies and the Trandoshans? Last I heard, they were...not good."


"If I get it my way, we'll hit them while they're disorganized and routed."
Luke sighs. "They've never gotten along, and I doubt they ever will."

I'm running tracing programs. Shadow's with you.
<Wait, he's where?> "It's unfortunate. Do you know if the Wookies will allow strangers into the deepest parts of the forest still? And is Chewie still around?"
"Would be one of the better times to do so."
Luke shakes his head sadly. "During the Yuuzhan Vong invasion, they forced a planet to crash into its moon, destroying both. His nephew, Lowbacca, was devastated."

He's in the same dimension. I'm running subparameter programs now.
<Find him, then I'll find you. Trust me.> "That is...difficult to bear myself. I suppose I should speak to Lowbacca then. Is on Kashyyyk?"


"You think the two of us might be able to talk him into letting us lead it?" Corso pulls out some apple juice and a couple glasses and pours the juice into them, offering one to John.
"I know I can lead an assault with Poltergeist whether he likes it or not. Our objective is to assist in removing the Collective from the planet and that is how we can do it. Now as to convincing him to let you lead that is a different issue. I might be able to but no guaranties."
Corso shakes his head in frustration. "F*cking cowardly man. We lost three units of infantry to the first waves because he was unsure if pulling into the city was a good idea. Now we may lose the planet because he doesn't want to risk a few mechs."
"Calm yourself Corso, anger will cloud your judgement. There is still a chance for us to get the Collective off before the call in their capital ship. If the see it as a lost cause trying to take Troy then they will fall back to another objective that they are pursuing. I've seen that happen many times since they came around."
"They'll call the capitol ship first. I know sis didn't share why Troy was so important."
"That might be but if we make it so that they have to glass the planet or leave it then we will more than likely force their hand and cause them to fall back. If Troy is important to them then they will not glass it."
Corso nods. "You're right. We'll go try in a couple hours. For now, take it easy."
"Alright, I guess I can do my meditation while we wait." I take a seat on the floor out off to the side of the room and start my meditation.
Corso nods and goes to a window, playing with a paper airplane, keeping it adrift. "John, mind being honest with me?"
Hmm...pretty surprised that a certain scout isn't telling a certain ship about a certain event happening...

IC: Cynthia just put her back on the medical bed. "What now?"
My face was bleeding, the bindings starting to cut into my armor around my legs and arms. I had to escape, if I didn't...
That certain scout is sending live feed for Flint senior to review which he is doing now by the way. That particular scout is a mute anyway.

"What about Corso?" I maintain my meditative stance.


I come across the feed from the scout that had returned to the area where we had met the Collective forces first. I play it back and watch as the Watcher from earlier was taken captive by our new foes. I sigh and lean back in the command chair. Looks like someone had beat us in capturing her.
"Delta have the shuttle bay ready me a ship. Have Cynthia, Hawk, and Kayle meet me at shuttle 4." I stand and walk off the bridge of the ship leaving the XO in command until I return.

"Yes Commander."
{Cynthia, Kayle, and Hawk Please report to shuttle 4 in the starboard shuttle bay.} Delta's voice is heard through all the comms both on the ground and in the ship.

Hawk sighs and returns aboard the ship heading towards the shuttle bay
Kayle looks at the speakers and sighs. "Looks like we need to go, Cynthia. Wonder what for."


Corso looks at John. "What do you think of us? The Lorians that is. And what do you think of our abilities?"
"Some Lorians seem brash in their decisions others seem to take more careful steps. The powers that Lorains pose makes them unique in a way many people fail to see. I am glad that our fathers are friends and maybe I can learn more about the abilities that the Lorians poses more or less how they are able to control the elements that is." I remain on the floor meditating.
Cynthia shrugged. "Whatever it must be important to only have a small team."
Corso nods. "Thanks. I've asked tourists and they don't seem to really care, or they say what they think I want to hear. It's refreshing to have an honest opinion."


Kayle nods. "Indeed. I'll let you get dressed." He walks out, closing the door behind him.

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