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"Glad I could be of help."
Corso looks at his watch and sighs. "Been two hours. We should probably head over and 'help' Reese make the right decision."
I took my armor off and cleaned any wounds. It was a hassle, I had also fixed my hair so it wouldn't get in the way and I order a new set of armor. After putting it on I went back to Kayle. "Ready?"
"Right..." I stand up and stretch. "Ready when you are Corso."
Sorry, been thinking in third person today. Kayle is normal, Torvus is underlined, and Corso will be bold. Gretta and any semi-important characters will be third person.

IC: I nod. "Let's go."


"Then let's go." I lead the way back out of the building. "Nice walker by the way. You should see the Draconum in full armament."
"Thanks. It took some time getting it right but I am glad the way it turned out. Kinda have the same fascination with my mech like my father has with his. I still find it hard to believe he uses that old Goliath walker. I seriously think it is the last one of its kind that is still being used instead of being left to rust to scraped to produce new mechs." I follow Corso out of the building. I enter in an activation code and my mech falls in behind me.


I wait near the shuttle for the group to arrive. I knew that a small group would suit this mission best and these were some of my best people that were available right at this moment. Hawk arrives first and stands next to me quietly.
Cynthia arrived with Kayle. "Sorry for the delay, but I had to clean up."
"I don't know, sometimes I think that those older mechs are better suited."


I enter the shuttle bay and see Flint and Hawk standing near the shuttle. I walk up. "What's up?"
"Not worried about it. Hope into the shuttle and I will brief you on what we are about to do." I walk into the shuttle making my way to the pilots seat.

Hawk boards the shuttle taking a seat near the forward part of the ship.


"Not always true. Goliaths were the top of their league when they were first developed but now the are to slow and easily out maneuvered but that also depends on the pilot. I could probably fair quite well in a Goliath but nothing compared to an actual pilot who has logged countless hours in one."
I nod. "We've updated the Tyranors multiple times. Ones in service now are version 8, closest we've come to mass producing an AC in years. Draconum is unique for that reason." We reach the stairs leading up to the command area. "Ready?"


"Alright." I climb on board and grab a seat, waiting for the briefing.
Tratos looked at the reply. Never a good sign......
He sets course for Troy to meet with Flint Jr.
I set my mech to wait for me outside the area. My comm beeps before I can respond to Corso. "Just a minute."
I step to the side and listen to the message that Delta had sent me. "It appears I might be having a visitor. Alright lets go talk to Reese." I step up behind Corso slightly towering over him.
Tratos looks out from the bridge of his ship, keeping a respectable distance from Troy and the ships there. He turns, and clicks the mic to send.

{Flint Jr.? This is Tratos. If you could, I request a meeting. In person, if possible, but if you are busy, then I understand.} He takes his finger off the mic's send button, and glances at his sole bodyguard, who was keeping in the shadows.
Cynthia sat down as well, checking her ammo while making sure her gear was working. "What an emergency calls for this?"
My comm beeps again this time with a message from someone I didn't know.
{Yes I am available for a meeting in person here shortly.}
{Hm. Good. I'll wait in orbit, if that is fine with you, until whatever you are in the middle of is done.} He sends back, and signals the ship to move to orbit around the planet.
I lead the way up and see Reese finish talking to a retainer. "Reese, we need to talk." I look at the guards who had stepped up, and they quickly step away. I walk forward. Reese just sighs.

"What is it you want now, Corso. You've done nothing but pester me."
I follow behind Corso remaining quiet for the moment.


"It involves that Watcher you encountered earlier Cynthia. We were going to try to take her captive but it seems our new opponents have taken her, so we are going to take her from them. That is what the call was for and if you wish to stay behind then get off now otherwise hold on tight." I start the shuttle and wait a few minutes in case anyone wants to back out now.

Hawk remains silent sitting strapped into his seat.
Cynthia was shocked by this term of events. "But I thought that the Director purged a Watcher once they were captured, as a defensive mechanism?"
I remain seated. "What the hell, why not. I'll go."


"We're going to attack while they're disoriented and disorganized. If we want the Collective gone, we have to attack." I look to John for help.

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