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"But that one is a special one for him. Didn't you notice a few differences in her suit. He won't kill her, yet anyway."


"He is right Reese. Now while the Collective is disorganized is the opportune time to strike back. I will be leading Poltergeist even if you don't allow your forces to attack as well."
"And you damn well know I'll ignore orders if it means saving this planet." I was staring down Reese. This was the last time he got away with being a coward. Reese stared at us.

"Are you insane? Even disorganized they have an entrenched position." I shake my head.

"Won't matter if I quit disguising my AC."


I shake my head. "How special we talking?"
"Entrenched you say.... We can always drop right on to them with the Battle mechs and a few squads of Shock Troopers. While they are distracted with that then your forces can flank from all sides. Then there is the option of bombarding the area with my ship before the attack as well." I stop to let Reese take in the information.


"I'd think quite special since she is still alive after failing to take Cynthia captive."
I nod. "Seems true enough."


Reese shakes his head. "Fine, you drop in from above while my forces get in position. Corso, you're cleared to reveal the fruits of Project Earthborn." I grin and lead John back down to his mech.

"Now you'll get to see why the Collective want Troy so badly."
Cynthia was thinking. "Then we don't have much time once we capture her ourselves, for we have to cut off the suit from the Director."
"Right... I'll meet you in the middle then." I send a message to my ship to have the forces ready for deployment. I climb into my mech and nod at Corso before heading towards Illador


"Right I think I might have someone that can do that. Now ready yourself we are leaving now." I activate the thrusters and take off from Fury of Terra heading towards the new factions orbiting ship. I also activate the shuttles cloaking systems before we get into range of the ships sensors.
I nod and head towards the science facility. Draconum had been taken there for arming and reloading.


"Let's do this."
I glance around in the hanger, the doors between the hanger and space closed. I wonder what they will think of the Outcast's sudden interest in joining the battle, but we had our reasons. I nod at my bodyguard, an un-humored assassin with cold calculation and brutal killing record.

The hanger doors begin to open, and a barrier is put into place to prevent us from flying out of the ship.

OCC: Swapped to 1st person.
I board the ship and take my mech to the hanger where we store them until it is time to drop. The ship takes off and makes it way over to the Collective position ready to deploy when the Lorians were in place.
I reach the facility and am directed to Draconum's launch bay. I got there and grinned. Boosters in place, assault rifle, energy blade, missile launcher and chaingun all in the appropriate places. "Thanks, Hank." A mechanic nods and I get in starting it up and taking the lead place in the formation. {This is Draconum, Tyranor's are in position. Get ready to have your socks knocked off.}
{Alright we are in place and getting ready for drop.} I walk over to my mech and enter it. I power it up and run the standard system check then take it to the deployment area.

{Dropping in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...}

My Battle mech leaps out of the ship followed by several others are we drop strait onto the Collectives position. Drop pods full of Foot Soldiers and Shock Troopers follow behind the Battle mechs.
I watch the Poltergeist forces make their leap. {Ready up, men, we strike one minute after Poltergeist lands.} I shift channels to a more secure channel. {{Estimation to touch down, John?}}
{Thirty seconds till I hit then forty seconds till the main troops land.}
My mech hits the tent that they had set up as their op center bringing it down on top of its occupants and crushing one underneath my walker. With out hesitation or delay I begin firing into the Collective's ranks taking out high profile targets such as turrets and vehicles.
Counting down from when John landed, then grin. {MOVE OUT!} I let the Tyranor's run out before jetting into the sky, letting the boosters keep me in the air as I open fire with the missile launcher. {Say hello to the fruits of Project Earthborn!} I dash to the right, easily avoiding a missile fired in retaliation.
The drop pods with Storm Troopers hit the ground send shock waves and knocking back a small cluster of Collective Grunts. The doors open revealing the massive suits and their heavy weapons. The sounds of storm gauss rifles fill the air as the Storm Troopers enter the fray.

I fire a salvo of haywire missiles into a vehicle depot setting off the fuel reserves and ammo stored with in. It explodes sending fire and twisted metal shrapnel into nearby enemies.
I take out the last of their stationary defenses and land, boosting forward to get back into the main fray. {I haven't seen any of their mechs. That's odd.}
{They might have deployed them already or they had moved them else where for the time being. Stay focused and if you see their mechs give off a shout and we will all focus on them.}
{Right...} I open fire on a war factory, blowing it to pieces. {Third squad, report.} A green Tyranor can be seen on a ridge, watching the battleground.

{We think they might be using their base as some kind of distraction, not sure what for though. I'll keep you updated sir.} I close the channel, firing on a bunker. What were they up to?
Cynthia's cloaking field had begun to turn on, with her Crossbow in hand.
I couldn't move, the pain was intense as it was flooding my body, I was useless...but I was not dead yet, so I guess he either doesn't care...or that he thinks that I can get out of it. Whichever it was, my comm was damaged and wouldn't work.
I fire one last salvo of haywire missiles into another depot finishing off their supply storage. {Alright their ammo and fuel supply is destroyed. How goes it on your side Corso?}

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