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I finish off the last of their barracks and fire on a tank. {Weapon production and infantry rest places are gone. I've also taken out vehicle production.}
{Good, lets make sure they won't come back for a long time.} I head towards a small company of Collective Grunts that were holding their position. Several fall under the auto cannons of the Battle mechs.


I begin the approach to the newly arrive ship. "Ready yourselves we are landing soon."
{Roger.} I head for a group of engineers attempting to retreat with a Grunt escort and open fire. They dive for cover, attempting to return fire, but two Tyranors join in, keeping them suppressed.


I draw Ragnor. "Knock, knock, eh Hawk?"
Hawk looks up at Kayle and smiles. "Just like old times." He pulls out a what appears to be a staff and presses a button in the center of it. A large hammer head appears at the top of it and begins to crackle with energy. He lowers his visor and stands up facing the shuttle door leading out of the ship.

"Alright land now..." I ease the shuttle into an open hanger and land. I shut down the engines and have my storm gauss riffle form into my hands. "Got to love Lorain nanites..."

The last of the Collective flee in what ships could make it away from our heavy anti-air fire.
{And let that be the last of you on this planet you gits.} I say rather sternly into my comm.
I stand up and heft Ragnor to a ready position. "Just like old times." I lower my own visor, and ready for the fight.


I look around. {John, still no sign of their mechs. I've told Reese to keep the defenses armed and the gates closed though.}
{Good let him know we will be returning aboard Illador and will be back soon.}
I have my ship lower itself down so that everyone can board and so we can make it back to the city soon in case we were needed there.
{I'll have the rest of the squads go. I'm searching for those mechs.} I boost and glide along the ground, heading for the forest. We'd had suspicions of something they were planning for awhile, and now was a good time to confirm.
{I am coming with you them, no point in you going alone. Lead on.} I hurry my mech behind Corso's as the groups enter Illador and return to the city.
I come to a stop near the forest edge, waiting on John. {We have reason to believe they've been setting up camo nets in here with their mechs acting as heavy artillery. That, or they're trying to dig tunnels.}
I step up beside Corso. {Right both seem quite plausible. Might as well find out.}
The other Drop Ship managed to get inside the ship, where they didn't know that Poltergeist was waiting for them soon. {We have one important package to deliver, apparently one of the Collective's pets from the look of it.}

{Roger that, Fireteam Attero is on their way to secure the package and we'll be in warp in 10 minutes. Buckle down.}

{Roger, and be careful, this one is a tricky one...} With that, Fireteam Attero was making their way to the hanger to secure me.
Cynthia was exited, but nervous...they didn't know much about these people. "Maybe I should go in first? I can cloak and go right in and see what they all have before ya'll come in."
I shake my head. "We also don't know that cloaking will work. You're safer letting me and Hawk do our jobs and enter first."


{My thoughts exactly.} I head into the forest, towards a clearing where we'd seen light coming from at night.
I open the shuttle's bay doors and Hawk leaps off making his way to cover and I quickly follow behind him.
{Alright lets find the Watcher and get back off this ship. Cynthia that is where you come in. Your cloak should work and allow you to find her. We will provide the distraction drawing their attention else where. Meanwhile Hawk will guard the shuttle and me and Kayle are going to go make some noise.}


I follow Corso as he leads into the forest. I look around the area in front of me watching for anything that might be a trap while checking the motion tracker to see if anything was trying to come up from from behind or the sides.
I leap out, the grenade launcher in hand, firing on the doors and taking cover.


I watch the radar out of the corner of my eye, watching for red triangles indicating enemy presence. {It's quiet...}
The Drop Ship quickly opened and I was quickly thrown over to a Ursus. "I'll take her, we'll fall back to the main control area once you distract them." I was struggling against the strength of this Ursus as he thrown me onto his shoulders and moved forward to the containment center..

Several other Ursus gathered by the doors after they heard the grenade launcher. They all took their daily shot. Strength and Endurance increasing.
Cynthia nods her head and recloaked. "I'll go once you start."
"Right Kayle we need to either find their weapons systems or their engines and disable those. I happen to have some high explosives on me for that." I peer around the corner of a crate and note the cluster of troops near a door. I smile and cast a plague and psi-storm over the cluster ducking back behind the crate.


{To quiet.....} I turn look at my left side.
"Allow me to open the door then." I holster the launcher and charge the door, prying it open with Ragnor.


I do a sweep, looking for suspicious signs. {We're almost to the clearing. So we should see something soon.}
The Ursus managed to get back, their endurance and shielding helping to take the brunt of the damage. But one wasn't so lucky, the Psi Storm fried him from inside his suit. Charring him. The others had their shielding down for some time, that's when they heard the door opening. "They're !@#$ing toying with us!"

Cynthia slipped through the opening that Kayle made and made her way towards the wall where the crates were...that's when things got interesting.

Explosive shotgun fire came from the barrels and were hitting the blast door. One managed to get through, and then came a railgun shot. Charged up and punching a hole above Kayle's head.
"Ah hell na!" I kick the door open and slam into one of them, crushing him against the wall before spinning and cutting three more in half. I face the remaining two. "Who's first ladies?"
Mechanical arms came up from underneath Kayle and grabbed his legs. And then a Ursus aimed his Hellfire at Kayle and pulled the tri-

A crossbow bolt hit hit artery in his neck and he bled to death on the floor. Your welcome Kayle... Cynthia moved across the hanger until she reached a door and slipped through it.

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