From Order Comes Chaos RP II

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<Thanks.> I cut the arms off and look back at Flint. "Let's go! Window's gonna close fast!"
I was thrown into a room, bindings still on me, door closing behind him.

Cynthia found the Ursus, but it could see the find outline of her cloaking. But ignored the fact and kept on walked. After Cynthia reached cell door, she started to hack into the system but it was to late. The man was behind her and picked up by by the neck from behind. Slamming her into the floor.

I saw everything that was going on, once I saw that Cynthia's cloaking had failed. I had to get out.

But Cynthia had her knife in her hand already and stuck it in the Ursus's hand, freeing the grip that he had on her.


The Ursus started to feign a retreat, making their way back towards the door they closed it. While the sentry turrets inside the hanger came to life and started to fire a stream of plasma at Kayle.
I dive behind cover and break out the Storm Gauss rifle and open fire on the turrets, taking them out as quick as I could. "F*cking lack of intel...
Cynthia sent psionic energy to her leg and kicked up, hitting his groin and making him fall to the ground. She then reached for a pistol as well. Shooting him and then realizing that there is a shield. Then taking the knife and striking down at where his heart was. Then pulling it out, blood squirting into the air.

Cynthia was on the ground, panting.


The blast door reinforced itself, the rest of the men were behind it, bracing. Then Kayle could start to feel the pull of slipspace...they were getting ready to warp.
"F*ck!" I quickly finish off the rest of the turrets and run over to a wall, slamming my fist into it and pulling out a bunch of the power lines, cutting the power to many of key systems. "That should buy us a few minutes at least."
The suit was administrating another was overdosing the Ursus. It's muscles started to tear, and repair, it's arm growing blades on it as it stood back up. The helmet torn apart as chitin replaced it instead. It was growing bigger, it was turning into an abomination.

Cynthia was busy trying to get the door opened, she managed to do it. But she heard a sound coming from behind her...looking around she saw the Ursus, no longer human...


Emergency power was coming online from the damaged lines, it was repairing the damage, slowly but surely. They would be delayed, but the ship was going to warp anyway. Not even caring about how long it might take.
"Right, lets find that engine room. Delta scan the ship and see what you can find." I hurry through the halls leading away from the hanger.

"Yes sir preforming scan now." Delta chimes into Flint Sr's comm.


{Alright.} I slow my mech down and ready my weapons systems.
This...Abomination then ran at Cynthia, blade running through her chest, spitting out blood. It was no longer human, no humanity was inside this monster! She still had the knife, so she used it to break free from its grip, but it was no use. It pushed harder, the blade was going through Cynthia's spine and into the wall. She screamed in pain.

I saw the whole thing, I had to get these bindings off, that was when I saw a piece of metal hanging out, if I can cut them off....

Without thinking I crawled to the metal and started to rub my bindings up against them, slowly cutting them. I was terrified, if the Abomination killed Cynthia, then it would kill me, but if Cynthia would kill it...then I would be captured again.
I follow Flint, repeating the process of buying us time every couple of minutes. "Anything yet?"


I signal a stop and take a knee, moving the trees aside for a better view. Both theories were wrong and right. They were attempting a Trojan Horse, and tunnels and heavy artillery. "*whistle* They've been busy bees."
"Yes engine room is three floors down from your current position and there is an elevator immediately on your right. Once we are in the engine room I can give you the optimal spot for setting of the charge."

"Thank you Delta."
{Ok Cynthia how is your task going?} I stop at the elevator and hit the call button before turning to fire my storm gauss rifle into a group of Ursus that followed us/


[b]"We better go and show them what we think of their handy work then." I ready the rest of my weapons system including a large amount of high explosives for a last minute surprise.[/b
I was lost during the starwars arc. Assume Cain is on the ship, and will return later when this hectic fight is over.
{Roger that.} I switch to the chaingun and take a knee. {You lead, I'll follow.}


I think for a moment, helping pin the Ursus behind cover. "There's got to be a faster way down."
"Well we could just take the shaft down." I cast several psi-storms over the area where the Ursus are in cover.


I head towards the trojan horse auto cannons ready. "Ok I have a good amount of high explosives at the ready so bringing this sight down won't we difficult."
{Let me know when you want me to fire. Like I said, you lead, I'll follow.}


"Then we need to. They were getting ready for a warp jump when I ripped out those wires."

{Hawk ready our package.}

"That will stall their warp and buy us some more time. Might want to make sure any critical electronics off Delta that means you need to shut down for a minute. Hold them off while I get these doors open." I turn to face the door and have the nanites take store my storm gauss rifle and start to pry the doors open.


"Ok I am going to place the charge then we will take out the troops." I take my mech up towards the heavy artillery and place the high explosives near the ammo planing to make the blast larger. {Ready?}
The chaingun starts spinning, warming up. {Ready.}


I nod and step over, slamming Ragnor in between the doors and using it as leverage to help open them.
{Have at em.} I open fire with the autocannons and haywire missiles aiming at a cluster of engineers working the horse.


I bolster my strength psionically allowing me to pry the doors open quickly. "Alright Kayle go." I hold the door open for Kayle to enter the shaft.
The chaingun comes alive, tearing anything I aimed it at to pieces., soon their tunnel network was collapsed on itself and anyone caught in the open was torn apart. {Happy birthday, jerks!}


I nod and leap to the far side of the shaft, catching a pole and sliding down. "Come on Flint!"
{Got a present for you ya gits.} I fire keep the heavy fire on the engineers.


I slip into the elevator shaft and the doors shut behind me. I grab one of the cables and start sliding down to the third door. "Here we are."
They couldn't get a word out of Cynthia, because she wasn't given the opportunity in her state.

I finally cut the bindings on my arm and I went to work on my legs, working hard to do it. "Come on..."

Cynthia let out another bloodcurdling scream as the blade went completely through her chest and completely severing her spine. It was one of the most painful experiences she ever had. That was when the comm turned on, allowing them to hear every little detail about what is going on.

The Abomination then used his free hand to slam Cynthia onto the floor now, then stepping on her chest, putting force behind it. Breaking bones, tearing apart tissue.

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