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Ok, so I misinterpreted, still...nevermind, reread.

IC: "Hold up, you didn't answer my question. I'll answer any you have in return."

Ok, so I misinterpreted, still...nevermind, reread.

IC: "Hold up, you didn't answer my question. I'll answer any you have in return."


Cain glanced behind him and said "Nope! I have nothing you are interested in, and nothing you know interests me."
He keeps on walking.
Torvus sighs and looks at the field before him. A few exercises, then he'd go find Flint and see who that guard really is. Drawing the lightsaber, he ignites it and begins practicing the Ataru form.
So...what's going on right now? For both Cynthia and Viola?
So far right now a small force of Collective has spotted and are moving to close in on the landing party that Cynthia is leading. Other than that with Viola nothing is happening just yet.
I returned the message. {Soldier? Capture any officers if you can for interrogation.}
Looking out the window. Cynthia saw men entering the building. "Damn...we have to bail if it gets to hot, and if we get overrun, I'll hold them off so the rest of you can get away from here."
{You're an officer, Cynthia. Let us Shock Troopers handle the...guests. We'll make sure they get a warm welcome.} I round up the others and lead them to the second floor. We all take up positions around the stairwell, and I warm up the Storm Gauss rifle. "Shoot anything not Poltergeist that comes through that door."
Cain started his normal patrols, walking around the halls.
After a single second out of everyone's sight, his arm that was injured regenerated.
Cain shook it, "No loss of function... Hm, better than normal."
{Yes mam'.}

The lead Collective Foot soldier steps forward of the group. He turns to address the group.
"Take all officers possible and leave no one else alive." He raises his rifle into the air and fires off a few shots."For the Collective!" He shouts as he turns and leads the charge towards the building.
To mess with their heads, I pull out the grenade launcher and fire a few out the window, blowing several of the party apart. "See how that flies with their psyche."
"Kayle?! I want you and the other Shock Troopers to lay down suppressive fire while I set up some traps!" Cynthia pulled out a few grenades and went to work. It was delicate and being under pressure wasn't always the best thing.
"They aren't even in the building yet. You have time." I fire another volley, wounding more of them. "But hurry, cause they're getting closer."


Torvus finishes his exercises and heads towards the med bay. He needed to speak to Flint.
The Collective forces space apart to make their casualties lesser each time a grenade is shot at them. They proceed towards the building with unwavering determination.
I had cloaked after seeing the grenade hit the soldiers. {I'm coming to assist you! Push onward and don't stop until they are crushed like the meddlers they are!} Dodging debris that fell from the buildings I ran towards the building where the fighting was at.
The first trap was set and Cynthia was still nervous. "You know...I don't have the best of luck. But there could already be troops in here so that's why I'm nervous."
I glance out the window and grin. "Get ready boys and girls, here comes the party guests." The other shock troopers whoop in agreement. A tesla specialist readies her Tesla rifle, eager to use it.
"Alright people, Keep the Demolitions team safe. We need them to bring this building down. Keep firing on those Mercs and use stims as needed." The the lead Grunt issues more commands. Several Grunt shout as the take hits from their stim packs before laying heavy suppressive fire on the building. Several teams of engineers move from cover to cover getting close to the building so they can place their charges.
Seeing that they weren't coming in, I grin. "Stay here, I'm gonna greet our friends personally." Storing the Storm Gauss rifle, I draw the Shock hammer and knock out the window next to me out. "Hello, boys!" I leap down and land on one of the men, slamming my hammer into another Grunt. I move with a rhythm, taking out the men. Then I face the engineers. "Sorry, but I can't allow that." I cause an earthquake, knocking them over. "Stay down, and you might get to live."
A few of the downed Grunts get back up not showing any signs of feeling pain. Field Medics were healing the wounded and those that weren't were aiding in firing on the building. Three take note of Kayle dropping into the fray and switch to their poison rounds before firing on him. Many Engineers begin placing auto-turrets while other continue towards the building.
I chuckle and switch to the grenade launcher, blowing the auto turrets, stimmed grunts and field medics to pieces. Drawing to Ragnor, I drop the three shooting at me into a crevice then return to the engineers. "You had a chance." I teleport, swinging Ragnor in a circle and cutting the first group in three. "Next." I could tell a few of them were intimidated. Soon the other Storm Troopers were raining fire from the windows, pushing the others into cover. Those unfortunate to get caught in the open were turned into swiss cheese.
The ground begins to rumble a bit as an explosion is heard from inside the Poltergeist occupied building, apparently one engineer made it in. The building still stands but a few more explosions will level it completely.
Heavy Mechs start to appear as more Collective Triad start to flood the area.


The transport's engines start up as the Spec. Ops team preps for evac.

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