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I curse and head in, killing the engineer who made it inside. I head back up the stairs. "We need to evacuate and find a new point. Heavy mechs are inbound."
"Evac is already under way. The transport will take off in five minutes." One of the Spec. Ops. commandos shouts to Kayle from across the hall. Storm Troopers continue to lay down the suppressive fire.


More Collective troops start to fire at the structure and the mechs start getting in range. The engineers continue their attempts of getting into the building.
I fire my grenade launcher behind some cover, blowing it and the engineers behind it to pieces. "Great...just great..." I have the other Storm Troopers tactically fall back, a group at a time to keep the enemy back.
One of the heavy mechs auto cannons begins to unleash heavy fire at Kayle's position forcing him farther back away from any windows. More engineer push towards the building and more Heavy Mechs ready themselves for anti-air support.

"Surrender Poltergeist we have you surrounded and out gunned. If you try to leave via shuttle you will be shot down with out remorse. This is your only chance to get out alive." The lead Grunt calls out through a loud speaker and the fire from the mechs stop for a minute while they wait for a reply from Kayle or Cynthia.
"You losers are rich. I have one trick you can't counter." I cause an intense earthquake, knocking over the over-weight mechs and damaging their weapons systems. Then I cause just enough heat that the detpacks on the engineers go off. "Go, hurry. That will only buy us so much time." I go up the stairs, watching for more mechs. This was gonna be tricky. {How much longer before we can use the roof?}
The Grunt Leader curses as he ducks.
"Alright boys we have Lorian amongst them. Bring out the device and lets see if it works."

A few Engineers that had managed to ditch their demo packs awhile ago begin setting up a strange looking device in the middle of the Collective ranks. Other survivors tend to the damaged mechs while being healed by medics. A few more mechs appear and fire on the building.
I reach the top and cause another tremor, knocking over any heavy materials they had out, letting it's weight do the work for me. " Come on, come on, let's go! I don't know what they're doing, but we need to get out!" I help load troops and equipment on the shuttle. Cynthia runs by, getting on. {How many are left?}
The device remains standing as its final pieces are put into place. An engineer quickly activates it and it begins to hum quietly.

The newly arrived Heavy Mechs take position with their anit-air weapons at the ready for when the shuttle takes off.


{Only one group let sir and we are almost to the top now.}
{Hurry up.} I step to the edge, and fire a salvo of grenades into the heavy mechs, destroying their missile racks, then another one into the infantry, causing heavy casualties. I was too tired for much else. I step back to the shuttle, helping the last group on then getting on, signaling for the take off. We leave, avoiding the surviving missiles and vanish from sight.
The stairs were falling apart, but that didn't bother I. {It worked boys and girls, we have managed to trick one of them. In fact two of them.}

Cynthia was not in Kayle's vision anymore. It was not the real Cynthia, only a fake and an illusion.

Cynthia was in a supply closet and she heard a sweet voice. It scared her and startled her. It was her mother? What is she doing here? Unless she came here under Flint's orders? The first thought came to her head. The Collective would surely capture her.

I smiled as the illusion of the familiar voice was put into effect. You got to love doing your research.
...I'mma gonna beat you...I have a twist...but then...This might work better...I'LL USE IT!

IC: Torvus was almost to Flint's room when he felt the disturbance. That made him hurry. Brushing past the Regulators after mentioning an urgent matter, he walks in. "Where is Kayle?"
Well, Torvus has seen one of them before, and could probably manage to get past half of the illusions. So what are you going to do? Kill her, or, capture her?


Cynthia made her way out of her spot towards the voice. "Mother? What are you doing here?"

"Come around the corner, Collective are coming and I need your help." I said in a whisper.

With that, Cynthia made her way around the corner where a fist came to her face. "Who are you!?" A knife then came out of her pocket as a sword came from my side.

"I'm no one."
Who? Viola? At this point it starts as a rescue mission and ends in someone getting their butt handed to them. FYI, Torvus wouldn't be affected by the illusions at all. Strong mind to use the Force, and illusions are meant to fool the weak or distracted. Torvus is neither of those things.
10/28/2012 08:28 AMPosted by Zarkun
Who? Viola? At this point it starts as a rescue mission and ends in someone getting their butt handed to them. FYI, Torvus wouldn't be affected by the illusions at all. Strong mind to use the Force, and illusions are meant to fool the weak or distracted. Torvus is neither of those things.

Seeing as you made Cain miss all his attacks, are you implying that he is weak, or distracted?
Neither. I'm simply describing the requirements for combat illusions to work. Too much focus can also cause it. Most of her strategies revolve around illusions. In retrospect, maybe Cain could sneak aboard the Bladerunner and go with Torvus. I don't know, throwing ideas out.
"He is on mission with Cynthia. Why?"


{Alright mam' we are moving into the building now.}
The Collective infantry move to breach the structure and make their way through the building searching for any Poltergeist stragglers.
"Somethings wrong. Either he or the mission leader is in danger. I request permission to go help him."
I give Torvus a curious look. "How do you know and I am going to need more solid information before I can allow you to go aide them."
"Part of my training was to sense when something is wrong with someone I know, or someone that I know knows. As I was on my way over here to talk to you about a certain guard and his abilities, the feeling hit. I need to go, otherwise I fear things may end badly for that mission. Please, haven't you ever had the feeling something was wrong?"
Cynthia did a quick upper cut with amazing speed, psionics were behind the blow and easily went through the armor of I.

Dodging the rest of it a flurry of dust and debris came bellowing down upon us. "Just give up and I promise we wont hurt you." The sword was poised to strike while Cynthia pulled out a tomahawk along with the knife.

"So what!? So you can torture me and kill my friends and family?" Cynthia was already stepping within the void of the shadows.

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