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Torvus thinks for a moment, then remembers the Alki he'd met back on that planet. "What was the planet called?"
I think for a moment on the on what Cynthia had told me. "I do believe it is Feiur. Why?"
Torvus curses. She did say that things were growing heated between the older and younger generations. "It's home to a race called the Alki. Guess the one I met was right. Civil war is now ravaging the planet, and the Collective stands to gain a powerful ally if they eliminate any other factions that don't agree with the one they choose to support."
"Interesting, just how powerful are they?"
"She never told me, course I never asked. I'm guessing exceptionally so if the Collective is sticking their nose in it."
"Probably, but I doubt they knew about them unless..."
"They have one in service to them. That means there's a faction supporting the Collective fighting to take control."
"Right. This might be more critical than I had expected. Delta send a deployment call for a regiment of Storm Troopers, we are going to need them."
Torvus looks at Flint. "Is that all you're sending for? That may not be enough."
I look of at Torvus and smile. "That is all we will need. Did you even meet Hawk? Old git is harder to kill than zerg. He will be leading the force and they are bringing Fury of Terra."
Torvus shrugs. "You'll know better than me. ETA will be in 10 minutes."
"Alright, I will be meditating until then." I sit calmly in the chair and begin my meditation.
I quickly parried the strike with a counter thrust. Knocking the knife to the side. "Just come with us, nothing will hurt you.... {Where are the troops at? I need help detaining someone.}"

Cynthia tapped the ground with Psi energy. It would help her later on, and it was also connected to a few grenades that were traps. "Never, I will not let you go after my friends!"
Torvus sighs and resumes piloting. He needed to do that soon. Only way he stayed in contact with Master Siri. Several minutes passed then the console beeped as the ship exited warp. "Here we are. I'll trace Cynthia's signal and land near it." That took all of one minute to trace, then we landed about 5 minutes later on the roof of the adjacent building. I lower the ramp and step out. I could sense a familiar, yet unfamiliar presence. Could that be her daughter?

I did a dancing uppercut slash, the poisoned knife was out and flung right at Cynthia. A flashbang goes off under the floor of I. I fell to the ground from the concussion.

The knife was fast, and she barely missed it. It grazed her cheek. "Is that all you go?" As Cynthia approached me with a pistol out. Just then she could feel the poison taking affect. It was paralyzing her body, weakening her system to pain.

I smiled from the ground. "I'm sorry that I had to do this, but orders are orders."

Cynthia was fighting the poison but it was no good, it was to powerful. If it could almost take out Flint, then this poison would be to much for her. Good thing it was a different type and not the Watcher's specialist poison.
Torvus feels Cynthia get weaker and smile. White knight routine was fun sometimes. "You two catch up, I have a girl to save." Torvus backs up a couple steps, then sprints forward, using the Force Speed to help gain more and leapt, clearing the distance and going through a window, tackling the Watcher. He stands up and brushes himself off, drawing Glacies and Incendia. "Give it up, Alki. I've beat one of you in combat before, I can do it again." I let the Force flow through me, ready to counter and strike however necessary.
Cynthia couldn't mutter a word, her throat was closed shut by the poison, but it's a good thing that she's part Protoss.

I was surprised how he knew. Who was this man. "Who are you?" Maya was out, ready to slice through that armor of Torvus's. "And what's so special about this woman to you?"
"She's an officer of Poltergeist and the cousin of a friend of mine. The name is Torvus Jentus, and I'm a master assassin. May I ask your name?" Torvus laughed inside at her poor stance. Clearly she was used to sloppier swordsmen.
" Viola, Viola Harmdas." I know he is a superior swordsman compared to others. I might have to resort to using it if I need to. The dust and debris started to surround the two of us.
A burst of the Force sent the dust and debris away. "Your mother wouldn't approve of that. I would know, I met her."

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