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It just keeps pressing around us, still ever lightly. "You know her? Then you should know that we are nothing alike!" There was hate and venom in those words. "And you don't know what's best for us..."
"I know it isn't the Collective." Another burst and the dust is forced away and kept away. "I won't see you dishonor your family because you're a foolish child. Do you know why the Collective kills mutants and wants Poltergeist gone?" Incendia's blade ignites and ice forms along Glacies.
"If that's the case...I already did that ages ago. And the Collective is the best solution at this point!" Maya, the blade that I was holding. Was poised and ready. I knew that I couldn't beat him in a straight up duel.
Shifting Torvus to first person for awhile.

I watch her carefully, spinning my own blades carefully. Her mother had told me she liked to use illusions, so that wasn't an obstacle. In fact, she said Viola relied entirely too much on them. "So, why do you think that? Poltergeist gives support to their allies, whether then forcing them to become part of the club. The Collective glassed Agria to start this war!"
I was getting angry, and that was hard to do that to me. "You don't know everything! And I don't believe it was Poltergeist, but it wasn't the Collective either!" I did a Dragon Ox Third, which was a series of pummels to subdue an opponent.
I fluidly avoid the blows, then deliver a hilt strike to her gut, knocking her back as well as knocking the wind out of her. "I know it was the Collective. I watched the ships they'd repainted come out of warp above it. I knew they'd repainted because of the lack of battle scars."
I crack my neck and activate my armor before dashing after Torvus.
"Delta what is the ETA of Fury of Terra?"

"It should be arriving within the hour Mr. Flint."

"Good, glad to see that we can still mobilize faster than our foe." I see Torvus fighting with one of the Collective's Watchers. {Careful Torvus she is a Watcher. Judging by a few of the markings on her armor she is one of the Director's favorites.}

Several Grunts show up ready to Help Viola.
{She's also Alki. I know her mother. Don't worry, I know her weakness.} I face the grunts and grin, switching weapons and activating my lightsaber, the black blade hissing to life. "Which of you is first?" I also lock Viola in a stasis. It would last long enough for me to kill the Grunts.
I activate the armor and a proto-type Storm Gauss rifle forms on my right arm and the ammo pack also forms on my back. I fire at the Grunts making sure each round was laced with psionic energy. "Bring you it on. I've got plenty of ammo for all of you gits."
I rush in, deflecting the rounds they fire at me with ease and cut through the first two, spinning and kicking the next one through a wall. "Too easy. Reminds me of the battle droids..." I thrust another one, acting as a whirlwind of death in their ranks.
I fire more rounds into the small group of Grunts and several rounds make contact and explode in fire and psionic energy. One Grunt literately explodes in front of Torvus.
{Whoops didn't see ya there. Sorry bout that.}
{All good. They aren't much of a challenge, are they?} I flip back from one that had pulled a wrist blade on me, cutting the blade in two and letting the man run away in terror. {Let him be, I believe he just soiled himself.}
{Their Grunts with out actual leadership or a high ranked one among them they will flee. Though more than likely he will return with plenty more. They also prefer to fight in large numbers.} The rest of the Grunts fall back to the rally point where there are more Collective forces.
I chuckle as they flee, feeling their fear and anger at being so horribly beaten and so easily. {They aren't too happy with us. Is there anything they could use to stop you? My power isn't exactly well known to anyone in this dimension.}
{Not much can harm me but there are still more out there that can harm me than I'd like.}I walk over to Cynthia and try to make sure that she was ok.
I watch the group then follow Flint, watching for any tricks. "I think that knife there," I point to the knife in the wall, "was laced with some kind of poison that stunned her. I think the only reason she's still alive is her Protoss DNA."
I pick up the knife carefully. "Delta scan the poison please."

"Yes sir..." Delta begins examining the poison and compares it to other known poisons that Poltergeist has on record.
I keep watch, waiting for them to make a charge. I also watch Viola, waiting for the stasis field to wear off. "They got really quiet all of a sudden. I don't like it."
"Sir it is a simple poison that just inhibits her movement and powers. It should wear off in an hour or so."

"Right thank you Delta. I agree Torvus, it has gotten to quiet." I peer around the area.

The Collective begin to recollect and return to Viola position.
I chuckle. "Here they come, trying to get to Viola. Once that stasis wears off, I'll talk to her. You think you and the guard will be able to handle the rest at that point?"

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