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Best regards.
I just bought the full game and want to play the campaign offline, for when I go travel or I'm somewhere where there is no connection to the internet, the detail is that, when I try throws me an error that says "the version of StarCraft II required to start this game, is not available"
If you would like I can fix this?
Game on a MacBook Pro mid 2012.
Thank you.
Try this, it should help.

Repairing StarCraft II
    1. Navigate to /Applications/StarCraft II/
    2. Delete the file
    3. Launch StarCraft II

This will force the game to see it is missing data and self repair.
Machkhan. I've done the indicated action.
The problem persists. any other option?.
This is a known issue:

Cross-platform Major Issues
  • [Offline Mode] Offline Mode is not functioning properly if the client is started without an internet connection.
    This issue is under investigation.
    Workaround: Start the game online and then you can switch to offline mode in the same session.
  • Thanks Machkhan
    How do you switch to offline mode in the same session?
    12/26/2012 03:54 PMPosted by SpiRalEye
    How do you switch to offline mode in the same session?
    Conveniently "losing" your internet connection can cause it to switch :)

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