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No one's been on all day and today is the day I decided to start my RP. That has me nervous lol. Hey Nukester, we don't talk often huh? What's going on?
Sarcasm? Oh, no.

Sir, I do.believe you are confused. I am the reigning sarcastic, biting, and otherwise cruel-word-humor wielding post king around hyah.

PKA, Tc.
I do believe that there is a door. *points to it*
Our club is the No N-Names.
Considering Naitsrich, we have met our maximum of 1.
Meek? Thou dares call the Lord of Dragons meek? Draw thy blade, and prove the mettle of thy self. Or art thou a coward, among the lowliest of knaves?
"Nuclear Launch Detected"

*Nuke Lands*

Jeff: "Behave you two." *Walks into sunset* "Looks like Nukester had an ironic fate." YYYYYYYYyyeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh
*Blows off Nukester's knee's and Drac's hands.* Take it outside ladies.
"All your livers are belong to us."
"Does not compute sentence with strange use of commas. Please try again."
*shaves smylez's balls*

Now shut up.
"What balls are you talking about Commander?"
The Dan Glee Zack, smylez.
Say "Dan Glee Zack" really fast.
"Crude humor sonny! I approve!"

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