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*considers, still suspicious*

So... Academy plus arena matches...


That makes sense.

*drinks one thousand five-hundredth Prismatic Void*
Oh, forgot the matches! 35 pages!
Someone was counting.
Here's an awesome song, that coincidentally fits quite well with Starcraft.

I was thinking that one of the more skilled writers could write a short story based roughly around this songs lyrics.

Thanks. is on something. It ate four posts, giving me the error message that the server was disconnected.

Not sure if high or drunk.
... I think it's just you. I haven't had any problems at all with B-net tonight.
But I got official error messages. My internet's working perfectly (watching YouTube and on 9gag ATM) so it has to be
Had to share.

Col. O'Neill: So Bruce Jenner, sit this one out, huh?
Rothman: Uh, me, why?
Col. O'Neill: You've been reassigned to another unit.
Rothman: Why?
Col. O'Neill: Ok, you're being replaced.
Rothman: Why?
Col. O'Neill: Because I'm intimidated by your intelligence, where's the confusion here?
Is that, by any chance, from the Stargate series?
I'm looking over the Deadliest Warrior weapons list, and I come across these nonlethal bits of hilarity.

Black Egg
Used by Ninja
Pepper spray and powdered glass in an eggshell.
Reaction- *throws Black Egg* "Argh! Pepper spray! And glass! Why?!"

Spit of Poison
Used by Shaka Zulu
Snake venom in a cup, spit at enemies
Reaction- *puts poison in mouth* "Boo!" *swallows poison*
Eh... that would be rather ineffective, as you can generally metabolize snake venom without suffering harm, if you swallow it. Certain Indian religions ingest cobra venom ceremonially.
Links of these religions? Unless you somehow built a resistance to the venom or received an antidote, I am almost positive you'd be in excruciating pain or even die if you ingest it.
Nope. Most venom simply doesn't affect you when swallowed. Your stomach digests it, rendering it down until it's harmless. Most venoms are only effective when injected directly into the bloodstream. Eating them has no effect.

Think about it this way: snakes poison critters, then eat them. No ill effects. Yet most snakes can be killed by a bite from another of their own species.

Actually, saying they have no effect is not precisely true. Some venoms are used medically (including in antivenoms), others can supposedly get you high (though THAT I'm not sure about).
I'd rather not find out about the high one.
Really? Snake poison breaks down when you digest it? That's novel.
There's your fact for the day.

And it's not poison. It's venom. There is a massive difference.

By the way, your sarcasm is appreciated.
I came back to my grandparents to see them for a little bit...I get on here and I come up to some interesting discussion.
See? These forums are highly educational. Good to have you back.

You may wish to post on Reckoning so you can prevent Diethelm and Rhea's imminent incineration.
By back, you mean for a couple of hours...then ya.
Still stands. It should only take a post or two to escape death.

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