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Well I wish to know more on what was discussed so I can make an accurate response.
Basically, my char is destroying Byzantium one city at a time.
Well that really helps me out...
And do you know what the best part is? How is he going to know if he's not in that area?
They don't have TV there? I'm not jamming.
Diethelm is in the basement where I doubt there would be anything where the slaves/servants could use or watch.

Plus I'm afraid I might have to make a terrible choice until I get internet again...
Black Egg
Used by Ninja
Pepper spray and powdered glass in an eggshell.

This is obviously thrown at the face.

It has short-mid term effects given to it by pepper spray, such as eye irritation and swelling.

The LONG term effect is blindness. Powdered glass gets stuck in the eyes and scratches your eye's membrane (EVERY time you blink) until you can no longer see.
Spartan still beats Ninja.

Well, I have to go now. So see all of you sometime in the near future, sooner or later.
That's only if it breaks right, if it hits the face at all, and if the person doesn't TURN THEIR F*CKING HEAD.
It's one of only 6 weapons in Deadliest Warrior testing that never killed a SINGLE OPPONENT.
There was that one, the Spit of Poison...what others am I forgetting...
Taser Wall (SWAT)
Stingball Grenade (G9)
Shoe Knife (CIA)
Dolabra (Celt)
Ah I can't believe I forgot SWAT and G9. Of course, they even admitted that as they usually tried to take them alive first, that wasn't a bad thing.
But Taser Wall technically CAN kill. Ride the Lightning!
Flash before my eyes
Now it's time to die
Burning in my brain
Now I feel insane

Oh, and for those who don't follow, the Poltergeist plotline:
Reckoning (6 months later)
Z&Z 2 (16 years later)
Techsuit (14 years later)
FOCC (15 years later)
I don't know if that counts as one plot. Especially if "Julia" is a single RP.
It jumps around and has a difficult to follow plotline. Considering all its "flashbacks" and "flash forwards" it amounts to the same deal.
Sort of. Maybe. I know what you're saying. I just think that some of those threads don't count as 100% Poltergeist, because in some Poltergeist plays only a minor or moderate role.
I hate waking up in the morning...
So do we all.
But... I really... really... hate waking up...

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