Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 14)

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PKA (Mine.)
Reckoning (Amounts to mine, by now)
Z&Z2 (Your point stands here, sorta)
Techsuit (Mine.)
FOCC (Kroger's, but it follows Poltergeist, so . . . mine)
That's really, really sad.

Z&Z shall stand free forever!
How exactly is that sad?
Did I miss something?
I'm bach!

Well...for some time that is.

KNARLED!? Bring out the Vodkalings for no damn reason!
OK! Never need an excuse for that.

*yells out door*


*vodkalings hug everyone and explode into lots of vodka*
*Hides behind shield of rum.* Don't make me counterattack with Rumalisks.

I'm trying to make the atmosphere into a better mood since I can only get on at specific times until we get internet back. And you are ruining all of the fun...
Vhat? You don't like wodka!!


Russia wins.

Wonder how many more plotholes exits I should do...
Reckoning wouldn't be too hard to escape from, but we need you in Z&Z2.
Random fun fact: A cow can produce approximately 80 to 100 liters of saliva per day.

I've been reading xkcd.
There's so many things going on and I don't have the internet at my house where I can keep track of all of this.

And Knarled? I can keep track of everything anymore. And I would join your new RP if I didn't have problems already (You already know what they are).

And I'm half tempted to just leave PKA and Techsuit, maybe DH...

It's starting to get to much with what I can do right now.
I have to go now.
PKA- nothing right now, we're warp jumping back. Just need some confirm post and we'll jump into the Abel mission.
Techsuit- you missed an earthquake, but that's all that concerns you.
10/22/2012 01:33 PMPosted by Fantasy
Zaros his demon
"Again, I never use the demon in situations where it is him against another character without limiting his abilities. I know this is a little late to say."

Not as good as mine in my opinion. Both were deleted by the mods. Still a good read.
Yours were deleted by the mods?!?
It was a good run.
Wait... which ones? The Stand didn't get deleted, did it?
Nah, they were both in general. It was a lurker/swarmhost thread and a carrier/tempest thread.

I should get back to that one day in the weekends. That and Ascension...

What are we waiting for on Maltheism?

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