This is Their Story: Chapter III

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I stare off for a moment, trying to remember;
"No.. I can't think of anyone, But I do know my family had a military history.. aside from that, nothing.."
I say sadly.
I then remembered Jared. "I've seen Jared in my memory, and we kissed. Don't know if it was for pity, or if it was love. But that's the only happy thing that I remember, even though I was dieing in it." My head was brought low, and then back up. "Maybe I should start my life all over?"
I shrug, a little uncomfortable;
"That's up to you. Our choices are the only real freedom we have,"
OOC: I'm sorry for this...

IC: I smiled when he said the words, 'chioces', and 'freedom'. So I decided to make my first choice towards this freedom. I stood up on my toes, just long enough to plant a kill on Stefan's cheek, blushing while doing it. "I'm sorry if that was cliche. But you convinced me to make a choice towards my own freedom."
No problem.

I cough, cheeks red, definitely embarrassed.

...Kiss her back you idiot!...
...What? Hell no! I don't want to push it!...
...son of a... Oh forget it!

Settling for a compromise, I give her a hug;
"Hey, more power to you."
I say with a nervous chuckle.
I laughed, both embarrassment and blushing at the same time.
"We live life to the fullest, it's our life. Our own story, and we write the script. And I'm sorry if that was so sudden. But you just seemed to be the one to help me, when I needed it the most."
I laugh, much more naturally, the initial embarrassment past;
"Amen to that."
I give Devise a gentle squeeze, looking her in the eyes;
"I think we better get going before someone comes looking for us..."
I say with a grin.
Some color returned to my blind eyes, my energy was slowly coming back.
"Come on then, they would be glad that I can walk fine and traverse the terrain without much help."
The feeling that was running through me was energetic.
{You two coming anytime soon, or do I need to turn up the music and play a more annoying song?}
{Yeah, yeah, we're coming.}
I say, laughing. stepping over to the door, I pull it open and gesture to Devise;
"Ladies first."
"So what about my eyesight again?"
I chuckled as I saw the lines of energy open up before me.
"Gentlemen, what would be ever do without them?" Smiling with new strength, I went through the door.
I was over in the computer room, attempting to establish an aerial feed with one of the satellites in orbit. "Come on you piece of junk, work." I was under a console, working on the wires when I hear the two come in. "Give me a second Stefan, I need you to--OW MOTHERF*CKER!" I come out holding my hand, having just smacked my head and been zapped by a stray wire. "F*cking piece of god damn sh!t!"
I follow Devise out of the hut in time to hear Jared's cursing;
"Alright, what have you done now?"
I ask with a sigh.
I kick the console as I walk out, shaking my hand. "Shocked myself along with hitting my head. I'll be fine though. Got a new trick for you that I got from the Buzzards."
Jared was cursing, his Psi was releasing energy that was frustrated and angered. And I could feel it.
"Jared? What's wrong? I can feel your frustration and anger, it's making me feel uncomfortable."
"Buzzards? what are you talking about?"
I say, confused.
"I'll be fine really. Just a shock from a stray power cord. Sorry. How you feeling Jen?" I then show Stefan the remains of the one Kain shot. "Armed Ravens with a nice little trick. Now you see me," I activate the Optic Camo, "and now you don't."
I whistle;
"Impressive, but what about heat?"
I ask.

Korozain, would you mind making a char sheet?
My eyes were flickering back and forth, energy was everywhere. The electronics were pulsing with the energy, while thin slivers came off of Jared. "I'm doing fine, just need to get used to my nea bearings...and I can still see you. But it's just giving off very thin slivers, I can't see it unless I focus on it."

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