This is Their Story: Chapter III

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I could probably post real quick while I "still" have the internet while I am still at my grandparents.
Don't talk, do it man!
Just do it? Just create something out of the blue that will work? I can do that.


I then saw an image in my head, it was a shadowy form and then out of nowhere it stuck at me and I was on the floor. Something happened then, it was only an image but my eyes started to bleed, I couldn't see out of them.
Taking off the old stealth suit I'd put on, I slide out the rack holding my recon armor. Quickly checking the suit's vitals, I find everything all green. With deft, practiced motions, I open up the chest plate. Inside the suit, I flip the power switch, sending energy thrumming through the armor. The suit slowly opens up and I slip in.
I kick the door open and stab a hanging dead body I thought to be a waiting enemy. I use Darkstar to move the hanging corpse out if the way and look in the main control room.

I come in through the window and find myself in a storage room just inside the control room. I open the door and step out. "Clear in there too."
"I'm going to search the logs and data, maybe I can even find a list of names of people here. Try finding the underground level. There's always one." I say typing furiously.
"Right." I head deeper in, checking doors for stairs or something halfway down, I find them, but the lights are all blown out and there's a strange sound coming from towards the bottom. {Found them.}
Sliding my hands into the suit's gloves, I complete the activation sequence. Armor plates shift and adjust to my personal specs, closing up around me. The visor clicks shut, its HUD coming online.

After doing a quick series of warm-ups to check the suits servos, I hook up my personalized support pack; stealth, jump-jets, an advanced sensor array, and a med kit.
As you go in deeper, looking for the source of the sound. It starts to become audible.
A low, dark, dying voice of a man.
"Fear. Light. Mercy. Heroism. These things are an illusion.
Darkness. Pain. Anguish. These things I live by..."

The words are interrupted by a series of coughs and wheezes.
{Kain, I think you may want to come down here.} I holster Fury II and draw Ignus, igniting the blade to provide a little more light.
I grab an advanced battle rifle off the wall, I check its over-sized magazine; full.
{One Bad@ss locked and loaded. where do ya need me?}
{Regroup. My location in the Operations Center.} I ping my location.

I then start heading to where Jared is. I see the light of Ignus, then start running to catch up with him

"What's wrong?" I hear a faint echo of "-nguish. These I live by."
I then stop.
{Not sure. The guys been chanting for awhile now and I'm not about to go in there alone.} I slowly move forward as Kain finally catches up. "You know what he means?"
{Roger that.}
I turn and exit the armory, the doors automatically closing behind me. With two quick burst from my jump-jets, I land with an audible thud at the base of the tower.
{Up or down?}
{Down. It's the Faded Prayer. Our code. But it honors the Dark One when said in your final breath. Or a friend does it for you if you are unable. We must find him. Now.} start running, I say "Let's go!"
I head downstairs and quickly catch up with Kain and Jared.
{Roger.} I kick the door I'd been near open, finding the room empty. "Clear!" I move on, repeating the process. {Kain, what happens if he finishes it?}
{It's the Faded Prayer. Our code. When you say this, it's either to honor a dead soul, initiation, or when you know you are dying. If he finishes, It'll be his dying breath. We could interrupt him. But I'll have to finish, and I don't exactly remember it all...}

"Anguish. The start of pain, and the end of ignorance.
Pain. The Catalyst of Darkness and the activation of enlightenment.
Darkness. The Energy that powers the weapon, that is my soul..."

He is once more interrupted by coughs, hacks and as we are closer, we hear blood falling on the ground.
I reach the last door. {He's gotta be in here. All the other rooms were clear.}

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