This is Their Story: Chapter III

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I chuckle, deactivating the camo. "I'm still fine tuning it, but it works so far. Detectors can't find it as it isn't a cloak that they're programmed to find." I walk over to Jen and look her in the eyes, concern evident on my face, though I wasn't sure she could see it. "I'm sorry I didn't come and see you, we had several airborne Zerg spottings and were upping the defenses."
"Cool, but I can still see your outline. Bad thing about 'Old Tech'. They all have some kind of hole in them... Like this stealth generator, easy to spot the user because the light spectrum we can't see is emitted from it, but the edges of the figure it covers appear to emit slightly more light, leaving a slight amount of visibility."

I stand and look at him.

"But it is still very faint."
I could hear the grief and regret in his voice. "But it was your choice? Duty before personal time...yes?" I then saw a glimpse into the future, what I saw in there scared even me. A betrayal? But who? I hid the reaction and looked back up.
I shrug. "Like I said, I'm fine tuning it. At least we have them right?" I then focus on Jen again. "No, I was making sure you were safe. You're the only good thing I can remember. I don't want to lose you."
IC: "Hell yeah it's a good thing!" I say, I hold back a high five and leave "Jen" an Jared alone.

OOC: @Warhawk: Sure, for who.
"But you chose to fulfill your duty to save us all? And I don't want to lose you, not yet. I want to get to know you first if we ever remember anything new." I then thought about Stefan, he just entered my life as well.
I shift on my feet;

...another reason to avoid this...
...really? I don't believe that...
...shut up...

"Well, I'm going to go get armored up."
I say, turning to go the APC.

For all of us. Just go back to the first thread and copy & paste our char descriptions into the first post or something.
I nod. "I understand. Just let me know if you need anything." I think for a moment. "Actually, maybe you can find something I can't."
...Dark Desire, that's how I felt right now...
My eyes met his, the swirling energy was beautiful and radiant. "What do you need my help with?"
OOC: Ah, alright. I can do that.
I guide her into the computer room and indicate the console I'd been working on. "Can you tell me if there's a break I missed in those?"
A break? What was that? I thought. "What's a break?"
Powering up my armor, I smother a pang of jealousy;
...enough of this, we're no school children, be a little more adult...
...why? you love her, make it known...
...there's too much at stake here, I can't risk humanity because of my feelings...
...why not? it's perfectly natural...
...shut up!...
"Basically wires not plugged in like they should be. Only reason I would have gotten zapped, and it reduces the danger to anyone who comes in here."
OOC: Warhawk: Front page. Nice to see my character isnt the only one who has conversations with himself.
Good, that'll be nice.

I figured it was the best way to go about it... :P
I bring another smaller crate in with me to the APC, containing beer and water. I place it in the cargo area, then sit in my dark corner.
The wires were a mess, some spliced open, while others were cut off to contribute to new ones. "How do I know if it's a break? I don't know what I'm looking for."
"Look for the biggest wire and see if it's sparking. If it is, I'll crawl into it and you guide me to it to repair it."
Quickly climbing in, I close up my suit and grab my support pack. With a click, it slides into place. I step out of the APC and bring my sensor array online.

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