This is Their Story: Chapter III

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Looking for the biggest wire, it took me a few tries but I finally found one amount the wires. It was sparking. "I found it, it's on the left side near the end..."
I nod and slide into the hatch again. "Alright, guide me to it."
I looked into the box once more that was the machine, I then guided him to where the wire was and where exactly it was sparking at.
"Alright..." I grab just behind the sparking spot and plug it back into it's slot, the whole room suddenly coming alive. "And there we have it!" Climbing back out, I hug Jen. "Now you're that much safer. Let's get to the APC, we should be about ready to go."
I followed him out, wondering who is the person that is going to betray us. "Where are we going to next?"
"Kain saw some Scourge down a Nerazim ship and wants to go investigate it. He's nuts if you ask me."
Catching Jen's words, I turn heading over to her and Jared;
"The crashed ship, right?"
I say.
I nod my head. "Yes, but is it wise to do such a thing? We don't know what's in it."
"That's what Stefan and I tried to tell him. However, he thinks that the weapons are worth it." I shake my head. "You and McKenzie will be the only ones able to use the damn things."
The Dark Templar.

I shook my head. "No, I can't do sounds to much and I don't know how I'll react under high pressure."
"No ones expecting you too, I'm just saying that they're intended for psionics, and as far as I know, you're the only two." I help Jen into her MG seat. "Can you strap in yourself, or do you need some help?"
"I can strap myself in, I don't want to do this." I was nervous and afraid. The energy was distorting in my vision as I was afraid. "I don't think I can do it?"
I chuckle. "I don't expect you to shoot, just sit where you can see something other than the wall. Don't worry, you're going to be fine."
"That's fine, but it would be best if you came with us. It'll be safer."
I say.
The energy was focused back in as I calmed down. "Thank you, I just guess that I'm not ready..."
I shrug as best I can with my armor on;
"Hey, you've been through a lot the last two days. No one's expecting you to be ready yet."
"Take your time. No reason to rush things." I glance at Stefan and motion him towards the front. "I'll be right back. Need to ask Stefan something." I follow him. "What did her brainwaves look like?"
"Let's see... when I looked at them, I got a P.I. (Psi Index) of 8. Why?'
"Something about what happened. I mean, even with a high PI, I've never heard of a memory causing blindness. Is there someway we could view the memory that caused it?"

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