This is Their Story: Chapter III

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We ride for about half an hour, and the snow slowly fades, and the grass transitions into sand, the trees are decreasing in numbers as we pass the treeline, and the heat suddenly increases significantly... We start to enter a Desert.

"How the hell does a landscape change so... Abruptly?"
I shrug. "Hell if I know, if that damn satellite uplink wasn't so damn touchy right now, I'd be linked up with it and could have warned you."
A thought came to me, it was a interesting solution to this questions.
"What if this planet was terraformed? Specifically done this way for a more diverse ecosystem?"
{That's possible, but if that's the case, where'd the f*cking Zerg come from? Most if not all are contained elsewhere and on Char.}
I decided to close my tired eyes, the sun beating down on my skin. They said that there wouldn't be any trouble, would there?
"This planet's weird." I say driving on. "F*ck, my engine's heat is at 82. We have to stop."
"Alright." I cut the engine on mine.
I woke up. Glimpsing into the future was what I have been doing, it's a power that was hard to stray from.

I got a glimpse of the betrayer, it was a female from the stature, pose, the complexion. And they were traveling with us. Who were they? Was it me, or was it McKenzie?

Unstrapping, I made my way out of the APC.
I place a device on my vehicle. "This beacon'll make sure we know where the vehicles are. Want to go up that sand dune so I can see the area of this place." I say pointing at a fairly large mound of sand and start towards it.
I follow. "Why do I feel like we should have brought a psionic as a safety measure."
"I know what you mean. I think we should be fine though." I get to the mound, then start climbing.
I chuckle and use the earth to reach the top, picking Kain up along the way. "What exactly are you looking for up here?"
"Anyth- Sh!t...." I look in the distance and see the crash a little a ways back with the help of my advanced optics on my mask...

And it is being attacked by Zerg. One kind appeared once. A large sand worm, much like a Nydus Worm but on the offensive.

"We can help em' out and have a chance to have friends. Or go back and have a possibility of new "Friends".
I sigh. "I'd rather have them on our side then not. Let's go." I slide back down the hill, heading for the crash.
I don't know what to do, everyone that is back at camp isn't on.
IC: I quickly follow, and "unpack" my rifle.

OOC: Patience friend...
I head out of the shop nearly bumping into Devise;
"Whoops! Sorry, was paying attention to the scanners."
I say apologetically, taping my helm.
I released a simple chuckle.
"It's okay, I wasn't paying much attention either. For there wasn't much for me to see anyway."
I was smiling, I was happy despite all that had happened.
"Heh. Well, if you'll excuse me, I going to get this armor off.."
I say slipping past her into the APC.
That was what sparked my curiosity.
"Why put the armor on if you're just going to take it off as soon as you put it on?"

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