This is Their Story: Chapter III

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{Roger.} I draw the Lancer and take aim, blowing apart Zerg. Fire, displace, fire, displace... I think it in my head. This way no one could place where I was.
The exercises were just a mean to get me in tune with my new vision. And as well as therapy for my leg. A terrible scenario entered my open mind. What if Stefan likes me as well? Jared already does, and this could complicate things.
"How much longer do I have to do this?"
I fire from a distance, wiping out at most of 5 with one shot.

The 5 Dark Templar cut them down with ease, using a long, thick blade from their wrists, or a double-edged scythe. And the 3 Void Masters' mind blasts and dark bolts take their numbers down just as fast as we do.

They look at eachother as if they were speaking, then one of the Void Masters turns to us.
The Nerazim know we're here.

"We feel your presence. Come from the shadows, and show yourselves."

The Void Master's voice echo through our minds.
McKenzie walks over to a tree, and begins to slash lightly at it with her blade, testing how fast she can attack.
I hate psionics... I keep firing, remaining out of sight so I don't die.
I shrug;
"As long as you can, or want, it's up to you."

...damn, she's got~
~would you knock that off?!?
...I'm just stating facts...
...and I'm trying to be professional here!!
...accent on the 'try'...
...go to hell.
By the time I finished, I was drenched in sweat.
"That was the most I've..." Catching my breath. "done in a single day before."
We finish off the last of the Zerg with the Nerazim.

"Lets just show ourselves, I'm one to be paranoid about stealth and I think we should just reveal. Worst case scenario they tell us to leave and injure us..."
I chuckle, passing her a small towel;
"Yeah, it can take a lot out of you. I remember the first time I had to go through something like that. I was sore as hell for a week, but then again, I pushed myself way to hard."

My, my. Sh~
~shut up.
But I~
I said, shut up.

I shake my head and grin;
"Anyway, you should take it easy for a bit."
{Right.} I deactivate the module, right in front of the Nerazim. "Hi there."
The towel wrapped around my neck, the beating sun was blasting my exposed neck and arms. Panting I sat down on the ground.
"I didn't know that anyone could live through such a thing?"
I tilt my head, confused;
"Survive what? I was talking about getting a personalized training session."
I laughed at his confusion. It was pretty funny.
"The exercise? I'm surprised that anyone could live through that kind of ordeal."
Going to assume Devise is talking about the exercises being hard.

I chuckle;
"It's not like a bit of exercise will kill you outright... But too much can have.. negative consequences."
I say, sitting down next to her.
Yes, that was exactly what she was talking about.


The comforting presence of Stefan enlightened me. For I was glad that he was here when we were the only ones at the camp.
"So what do we do know?" My tired head was resting against his shoulder.
Don't forget about McKenzie.

I lay an arm over her shoulder, enjoying her company;
"About you? I'm not entirely sure, I haven't looked after psychics much. From what I can tell, your leg should be fine... were you boosting yourself psychically?
I ask.
Yes, but right now she is in a tree...somewhere.

Shaking my head, I had not known what had caused it.
"No, I'm not entirely sure what happened. And I had not wanted to use my psionics to boost in my exercises. For that's just cheating and it's not going to help me anyway."
I follow.

"En taro Zeratul, Terrans. I am Magistrate Zaron. These are my allies of the Tae'La tribe. We have recently lost our home to a swarm of Zerg..."

The name zerg is spat out of his mouth like a bad berry.
I nod;
"Yeah, boosting yourself psychically can be dangerous, but also incredibly potent. Once you get yourself as good as you can physically, I'd advise looking into your psychic potential. Something like that could mean the difference between life or death."
"We actually didn't know the Zerg were still around. In fact we just found out they were recently. If you'll come with us, we can talk in relative safety." A memory flashes. Jen and I had an argument when I got back from chasing Jordan. It seemed intense.

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