This is Their Story: Chapter III

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His voice is clear, but weak.

"Drak'Thul, Dark Lord. Take me." He shakily holds a dark knife to his throught. But is to weak to finish himself. Or even hold the blade for long. "Damnd arms..." He tries once more, but his arm falls then he spits out more blood.
{Got him.} I ease the door open, careful to watch the man. "Hey there."
"Come to finish it?" He says, dark eyes staring into you. "If so then do it. I've accepted my inevitable death." He coughs once more.

I catch up to Jared.
I shake my head. "Not from this outpost. Just here to raid it and save anyone we can."
He is wearing a similar armor set to what I had. He has a black nano-suit with silver trims, red wiring and a demonic skull crest on his right shoulder-plate And on his left shoulder-plate he has the Mark of Shadow. He too was a Dark Elite. He was bleeding from his abdomen, and has a wound in the right arm, left leg, and upper right chest.
"Ha! Save? There is no salvation for what's coming. The only thing that can save us is death."

I walk in. "Not necessarily true. While I do see you dying, and you said the Faded Prayer. We need to know some things before you are finished."

"Like what?"
"Well for starters, if you've been to the Fortress blocking off a mountain pass."
"I was trying to get there. I had a team, we were *cough* Reaper Team, I was Revenant Sect. we all got separated. There is something there. An artifact. Don't remember what exactly... There was a large... seismic shock. And... I don't know what happened after that. I came here to try to find the rest of us... But I was ambushed. I managed to hide here and got in a firefight with some maniac, and hung his @ss at the door as a mark to not enter. It's worked so far..."

Revenant Sect... Reaper Team...

"Tell me! What's your name?"

" 'Frost-Fire'... "
"So you're the guy who hung that sorry sap. We already talked to Sergeant O'Riley. Surprised you two didn't run into each other." I look out the doorway, noting that there was no other sound. If I felt we'd gotten everyone, I'd be ok, but something told me we hadn't. "Kain, something feels off."
"Yeah... We done with him?" I whisper.
"That's up to you. He's Shade Geist, so he might be able to tell you something only they would know."
"Frost-Fire. Do you know an Operative by the name of 'Korozain'?"

"Damn. Haven't heard that name in a while. Yeah. He was suppose to assassinate this NRMC guy. Don't remember the name but I know the target was a medic and he was healin' all the bastards so he needed to be taken out. I hope he did it..."

I freeze. Then nod. "Are you ready to be taken?"

"The Faded Prayer wasn't reason enough?" He says coughing more blood...
I nod and unsheathe Darkstar, and lightly put the blade on his neck. "Dae Adri'kor. Drak'Thul."
He lightly repeats. And I stab his throat, and leave the blade there until he dies. Then I take the blade out, and bow with my fist over my heart.

"I was suppose to kill Stefan..."
I think for a moment at that revelation. Kain was supposed to kill Stefan, but something happened to prevent it..."Kain, tell me you aren't going to do that. Not now."
"I don't know. Turn my back on my life and start anew? Or fulfill my fallen comrade's final wish... Hard choices. My loyalty stays with Hope's Fire. If the time comes that Stefan has to die. I will be the one to do it... Or if I get pissed enough I'll just cut him down." I say jokingly.
I sigh. "Well, that's good to hear. Right now though, you get the feeling we're not alone down here?"
Something is inside the vents, there sounds like there's alot of them.
I look at the vents. "I'm almost tempted to empty a few explosive rounds into it."
My hands were covered in my own blood, the darkness closed my vision. The blood smearing on the cold metal of the APC as my eyes burned from the pain.
"I would normally welcom that, but not yet..." I fire one round from Stryker into the ventilation tube. Blood pours out after a loud shriek. The room falls silent. Then the sound of busting metal is heard down the hall followed by many shrieks, growls and odd, insectoid sounds.

"F*cking run."
I look around. "Where? They have the stairs blocked off." I fire a series explosive rounds from my new gun, setting the floor between us and whatever it was on fire. "We need to find an alternate way up."
Alright, given the current turn of events, where's Stefan?

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