This is Their Story: Chapter III

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With us since we never left the basement. You now know what Kain's mission was.
Turmoil rips through my mind as I consider the latest turn of events. that's why I left... for safety reasons... but then why was Jared with me? and where were we going?...
I see something in my dreams again.

I was arguing with a high ranking military commander about bombing a village full of innocents, in the end I was expelled from the military. I find myself joining up with a mercenary group, dedicated to helping out innocents. I found myself saving small towns from attacks. I then find myself on the very same dropship I was on at the moment and was arguing with a man in heavy CMC armor. He placed a gun to my head and uttered the words, "We're going to do these, or I will blow your f*cking brains out." I sneer and nod in reply.

I wake up. "Well. That's interesting." I put my armor back on and was about to exit to head to the next outpost when I saw a small four wheeled vehicle, some sort of ATV. I jump on and rev it for a second before taking off out of the blocked up door.
"Best hope is trying to find something at the end of this hallway." I point to a reinforced metal door at the end of the hallway.
I nod. "Agreed. Stefan, let's go." I lead the way, watching for any other ways around.
With a shake of my head I clear my thoughts, following Jared.
...enough, this can wait for a safer moment...
With the flip of a switch, I bring my advanced sensors online, 'seeing'...
DM: The door. It's advanced materials allow nothing to be seen or heard behind it.

"See anything?" I say right behind him.
I was thinking around him as well; through the walls, celling, power signatures, bio scans, etc.

"I can't see anything past that door; I'm not sure what its made of, but my scanners can't get through it."
I reach and feel another energy inside me, this one brown, like the..."Earth! I have an idea." I place a hand on the floor, and feel out the vibrations of anything touching it, on the other side of the door I see...
OOC: Took me a bit to write that...

DM: you feel something across the ground. Alive but not exactly moving around. Its not big, but its spread out among the floor. Also about 4 stationary objects.
you could have kept that...

With the barest tap to my thrusters, I skim down the hall and inspect the door.
"Well, whatever it is, it doesn't seem to be intent on moving. Stefan, what about those things behind us?"
"No idea. Let me check."
Turning, I look down the hallway from where we came. My sensors reach out, 'seeing'...
DM: About a dozen lizard-like creatures with claws above their heads moving towards us.
I yell. Flicking the munition type to frag, I loose a quick round into them, shrapnel flying from the explosive rounds.
DM: Only the ones in the front row are killed, the others momentum is lost by the shockwave of the explosion, or shrapnel. The rest charge even faster.

IC:"Alright then. Time to open it."
I take a black and white rectangular object off of my belt, about the size of a 1980's phone. I press a button on it and then, there unfolds my rifle I carved the name of "Huntsman" into it.
"Fun time." I then fire 3 Soul Canister charged 14x99mm(slightly larger than the .50caliberBMG round) and it only dents it. I then say
"Well then. Looks like I need to resort to old techniques." I run up to the door, lashing out on it with a series of kicks, and joint-jabs. I only dent it more, lightly injuring myself, but on my final kick, my leg was enveloped with a dark energy, increasing its power, making the deeper dent.
"I need to remember to try doing that consciously..." I say holding my arms.
"Keep me covered. I'll try melting a hole where you dented it." I ignite Ignus and stab it in, moving slowly in a circle.
"...damn these things are tough..."
I grunt to myself. With a quick couple of taps, I load a single anti-tank explosive shot. Sending it squarely into the center of them, I follow it up with two frag rounds.

SW ep1; Qui Gon Jin FTW.
I nod and crouch down and fire charged and uncharged rounds among the beasts.

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