This is Their Story: Chapter III

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DM: They die instantly with the AT rounds. The charged rounds have a similar effect, just no explosion. A few stragglers make their way closer, about 25m away.

IC: They get closer to us. I see their twisted bodies. Dark, spines porturding out of their backs. Their teeth look like those of a shark, but a bit longer and sharper. These beasts looked like something I've seen before, but... Evolved... I put my rifle down and take out Darkstar as I charge into them, allowing my shock to empower me. I cut them down with ease, and the same aura that was similar to my kick envelopes my blade. A few of them bite/scratch me, but Stefan's fire keeps them off of me. I execute the remaining injured ones with my handguns, destroying their demonic faces.
"What the hell are these things, they seem familiar, but different at the same time."
I get halfway around and pull out Ignus, switching to one of the energy blades instead. "Halfway through. We know what those things behind us are?"
"...I'm not sure.."
I say, having switched to penetrator rounds, so that I didn't hit Kain with any shrapnel.
I think for a second... Looking at their shape, their demonic, twisted form... And the iconic purple skin. I think of the sounds they made, their attacks, their innards spilled across the cold floor. I then remember the history of the Great Wars. The Brood War. The Kingdom Wars, and everything following up to now.

I put my head down. Realizing how messed up the situation is
"The Zerg are back."
I almost sputter, pulling the blade out immediately. "The Zerg?! They've been pacified for years!" I face the hole, a third of the way done, and kick it, bending the metal. I activate my Night vision and look in, seeing...
"..The Zerg?..."
I say slowly, scanning the bio signature of one of the corpses. After a few moments, it comes up with the closest thing it can find; the zergling.
"!@#$, Kain's right..."
DM: You see the iconic purple-gray living ground. Creep.
And five zerg cocoons, morphing into god-knows-what.

"We need to get the medical supplies and get out. There could be more larva in there, and a Queen watchin' em. Or even more, powerful Zerg. These little !@#$s have been dormant for a long time. And God knows what they evolved into..."
I look around and curse. "F*ck. It's all on the far side of that bloody hive. I can burn the creep and hive away."
"Not yet. Assuming this building's lower floor cant fit any zerg structures or species capable of detecting me. I'm going to take a look inside first."
I chuckle grimly;
"Like you said, god knows what they evolved into. Just be careful."
"I'll help keep watch out here."

OOC: Mind if I introduce the Desecrator? It's one of my zerg units. It's one of the later pages in the link I gave you for the siege breaker. Post 96.
Sounds like more like a tyranid than a zerg...
But thats me :P

A terrifying thought enters my mind. the gods, I hope that's not the case...
"I was thinking... What if these crazies that we've been running into are the result of some sort of zerg infestation?..."
I say my voice filled with horror.
I look at him, terror evident on my face. "But if that's the case...then that fortress may very well be a death trap."

OOC: Never played Warhammer, so I wouldn't know.
OOC: Sure but later. I need to make a thread for my factions/creations as well. I have alot from cortex I should put on the forums.

IC: I step in, legs first. The feel of creep sends a shiver through my body as I feel the living ground below me. I creep among the darkness, switching to infrared sights. I see nothing. Above ground. I can't make out what they are but there is something hiding in the ground.
"Got something below the surface, just a heads up." And I keep moving.
I sigh, aiming Fury II at the hole. "Great. If I survive this incident, I'm gonna avoid this place like it has the plague."
OOC: Hey guys, look what I found

IC: {It may as well be one already my friend. It may as well already be a plague...} I keep moving, and find an elevator shaft. Below it is the crushed elevator, and above is the 2nd floor.

{Found a way out. But its kinda deep in this place.}
I already commented.
Cool, will read as you add more. keep us updated.

Yep, bone swords are a powerful nid close-combat weapon, but whatever.

"I agree. The sooner we're out of here, the better."
"How's it look Kain?"
OOC: Damn computer crashed as I typed something, lol.

IC: {I see a ladder, and the top floor is clear. Just need to get past the burrowed one and the cocoons.}

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