This is Their Story: Chapter III

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I think for a moment. {Burrowed one is most likely a queen. And I don't want to know what's in those cocoons. Go up the ladder and I'll burn them.}
{I'll watch the fireworks from above} I begin to climb the elevator shaft going up to the wrecked hallway.
I start charging a ball of white fire, the hottest known in the universe. {Let me know when I'm clear.}
{Fire.} You hear me laughing after that is said.
I hurl it in, a slight beam being formed from it's tail. It hits the hive and explodes, setting the creep and everything around it on fire. {Hope that queen comes up. Need it to die too.}
The queen emerges, head a-blaze, then its head is explodes. {Like the fourth of Ju-ly!}
I wait for everything to be extra crispy before I step through and extinguish it. {All clear. Let's grab the supplies and go.}
{Alright, you do that. Get the APC over here and I'll come down when I'm finished doing this. I'm in a comm room and the files are still intact.} I say typing quickly so I don't get ambushed.
{Negative, I'll grab the APC. I can get there faster.}
{Oh yeah, Jordan's got the tank.}
{Check on Devise too. Hope nothing happened to her. How many times do I have to point out that that tank is DNA keyed and will only accept a new sample once a day.} I start getting the supplies that we really need, med lasers and such, in a couple of large duffle bags that are nearby.
Given whatever CR's been dealing with... well is he going to be on, or are you going to take over?

{Alright, be back ASAP}
It isn't too major, so I'll just say you see the blood and her passed out, then you do your best to help.
Turning, I head back down the hall and quickly head upstairs. Once I reach the surface, I head off towards the APC in long boosted jumps.
"Done." I go to where a hole in the wall is, then jump on an MFE energy storage unit. Then jump down and start forward the Siege Beaker, wanting to take a ride inside.
I finish gathering the gear and notice a slight gleam in one of the boxes. Digging it out, I pull out a gunblade. Something told me it was for Jen. {On my way.} I climb up into the comms room then make a new hole, heading for the tank. {Stefan, keep on the APC. I'll drive the tank.}
{Roger that. I'm coming up on it now.}
With one last bounce, I land at the back of the APC.
DM: Mckenzie and Cole make their way to the APC

IC: I pass the Armory where we found all the weapons, and oddly think of Jordan. I find a large Sniper rifle, .65 caliber rounds. I carry it, it's actually carrying me... And I get to the tank. "Let's roll!"
I chuckle at the size of the rifle and indicate the rifle rack on the tank. "Even the crews got bored. Should fit there."
I hang it on the top of the rack. "Petty roomy in here." I open up the commander hatch. "I'll keep watch." I say as I disappear.

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