This is Their Story: Chapter III

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I climb in the driver/gunner seat and unlock the tank. It roars to life and I revert to mobile anti-infantry, the cannon becoming a giant flamethrower. I roll up next to the APC. {How's Devise, Stefan?}
"This thing is a beast, but no armor can beat the Shade Gheist - Creeper Stealth Tank....
{Hang on. I need to get in.}
With a click, my support pack comes off, compacting for efficient storage. Holding it under one arm, I open the back of the APC and head in. Setting my S.P. down, I look up and see Devise slumped over in her seat, blood covering her face.
{Oh !@#$! Jared we've got a problem here!}
I grab my medical kit out of the S.P. and rush over to her, quickly getting her out of the seat. I gently lay her down on the floor and activate my medial HUD and look her over, 'seeing'...
DM: Mass mental trauma. Nothing more, nothing less. Would be nice to clean up the face though.
...mental trauma?... what the hell?...
Grabbing a clean rag, I clean her off as best I can.
IC: {Stefan, what's wrong?}

OOC: Alright imma take off for the night
I was worried now. That wasn't any good. {Stefan, what happened?}
{I'm not really sure.. Devise has suffered some heavy mental trauma and there was blood all over her face, not sure where from yet... Judging from where the blood was, my best guess is that it was coming from her eyes...}
I sit back. What the hell would...a memory. That's the only thing that made sense. {Stefan, maybe she remembered something that caused her to go blind.}
...damn... poor girl...
{That would be on the extreme side, unless... Is she psychic?}
I ask.
{I have reason to believe she's psionic. The weapon I found for her in the medical supplies suggests as much.} I was nervous. What the hell happened for her to go blind?
{Damn... I'm going to do a test on her brain waves, maybe that'll tell me something...}
I pull out a series of sensors and attach them to the sides of Devise's head.

probably done for now, should wait for the DM, right? :P
Good idea.
DM: The sensors take a minute to measure her brain waves and it reads that she has a P.I. (Psi Index) of 8. Something interacted with her mind. Adrenaline is detected from surprise
(Will change if CR wants me to.)
{Well, how's she look?}
DM: She is unconscious, vitals are fine, she has a slightly faster heart beat because the adrenaline but it's lowering.
DM: A strong gust of wind approaches.
Guys! We have something incoming! Looks like.....Zerg air organisms! McKenzie sends, and for the first time since waking up, she begins to fire her rifle at something.
I transform into assault mode and aim the turret. The large chaingun spins to life, knocking them out of the sky. {Stefan, we gotta go!}
The creatures, Bone Wasps, appear to be moving at an insane speed, going fast enough to dodge most of the shots. The ones that do get hit explode into gory messes, their frail bodies unable to take the rounds.

McKenzie draws her sword and an auto-pistol, and starts slicing and shooting.
"Where the hell did these things come from?!?!"

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