Techsuit Warfare VI

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Joan nods. "The Poltergeist ranking system is like Chinese- confusing to outsiders, but with little explanation it all makes sense." She shrugs. "They were asking for the 9G file set. This is stuff Dad doesn't want anybody knowing. He's the only 10Z still around, and even Auntie Umbra's 8K."
"That doesn't exactly answer my question." I sigh. Everyone had their secrets I suppose.
She shrugs. "I dunno myself. The location of the Skull Creature preserve? CSAA stuff? Designs on the Ares craft and the Vengeance itself? I have no clue."
"I'm sure the original Vengeance designs are in there."
"I couldn't tell you either. Hell I don't even know what my clearance is anymore. I know that the Premier was asking me for the location of the Vengeance earlier so he could obtain Shadows panel. Told him I didn't know the location of the Vengeance which wasn't a lie. Prick tried to use Dani as leverage against me. I bet he even paid off that field medic to..."
"Let's not rule out the possibility, but let's also not jump to conclusions. We may pay for it."
"Kayle it wouldn't surprise me at all if he did. Arrogant bugger thinks I am just a pushover. He has yet to even see what I can do..." A hint of anger can be noted in my voice.
Joan nods. "Premier Johann is a jerk. You know he tried to hit on Mom, so she'd give him Dad's code key?" She points to Flint's shoulder. "So you haven't checked your shoulder? You're 6Y."
"Well I am surprised that he didn't find himself with a knife pressed into his side or his vehicle rigged to fail. He better never underestimate me again. Threatening my family will only bring a long painful demise upon who ever tries to hurt them. I'd say to ask the young doctor but thanks to a trick I learned from your aunt he doesn't remember anything about it. Should have killed the git..." Anger is creeping more and more into my voice.

"Damn it I keep forgetting about that... Freaking UED standards are still engrained into my head even after forty years of being a mercenary."
Joan grins evilly at this. "His hair wasn't always half white. He managed to escape the trap, but he would've resembled a rather popular fictional character by the name of Harvey Dent."
"Interesting. Where are we going by the way."
Joan gestures. "My desk. I can contact any integrated computer system in the sector. With a good report to the Action courts, I might be able to get rid of at least those Falcons." She eyes Kayle wistfully. "Him being younger kinda makes me feel old. And gives me this weird instinct. But whatever, let's roll."
I sigh. "Only physically younger. Mentally, I'm the same age."
Joan sighs. "I know, just . . . I guess seeing someone young like your body looks, after the Child Quarantine . . . Unused mothering instinct kicking in. I can shrug it off."
I sigh. "Might help if we had a way to reverse it. I need to contact Shadow again, he might have something."
Joan twitches. "You sound so YOUNG! Geez, every time you open your mouth, you make it a little harder for me to suppress this mother instinct. I'm so sorry if I lose control."
I raise an eyebrow. "I'm back to 17. I'm not that young."
I laugh at Joan and Kayle.
"Joan try having three five year olds that you need to keep track of due to this planets hostile residents. I am surprised that I haven't lost it yet."
Joan's shoulders droop. "The Quarantine Act took away everyone under 19. You're young enough. Considering what was going on just prior to the quarantine, I could technically be old enough to be your mother." Her eyebrow goes up. 'Five year olds?"
"We fought off anyone who tried to enforce the quarantine on us, both with words and weapons. What exactly happened?"

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