Techsuit Warfare VI

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"Didn't you know that Dani came here? She brought the triplets with her. Why do you think I have Leah near me since she is passed out in goo form." I look at her curiously.
"You didn't know did you. . . ?"
Joan shakes her head. "No . . ." She takes on the grin characteristic of her aunt. She frowns briefly at Kayle. "The Child Quarantine Act was passed to keep all of the children safe. I managed to get Dad to alter the legislation down from twenty four, so I could still talk to some of my friends, so you really have me to thank for us having as many recruits as we do."
I nod. "19 is still too old. Children are anyone who doesn't know how to help out and fend for themselves when needed." I sigh. "I really need to talk to Shadow."
Joan shrugs. "The Premier is a fool. I swear his policies could have been drafted by one of the triplets."
"Well, for his sake, we'd better never meet. Otherwise I may just turn him into fish food."
Joan chuckles. "Fish food? Really?"
I shrug. "Well, could always make him into bear food."
Joan smiles. "You're lucky I'm too amused to press further. My mothering instinct is telling me to do something."
Kreis felt a presence that wasn't mine. A blade mixed Void Energy was at the neck of one of the Falcon's.

I noticed this. "When did they get here?" A pistol was drawn and I was nervous. "Why are you here?"
I look at her and wave a finger. "Oh no you don't. I'm keeping my armor and weapons."
The Falcon member stands over Cynthia. "Easy. We're here to collect you. Return you to base."

Joan smiles. "I'm tempted to call that cute. She notices the ground has changed ahead of them. "Wha?"
Kreis deactivates the blade and walks back over to a fire that sprung back to life. "You know who she is? She's lucky that I was there when I was."

I lowered the pistol and dropped it onto the ground. "Base?" I was suffering from light term amnesia.
He nods. "Don't worry, miss. Er, uh, Commander. My apologies, Commander." He stands straighter, the calm ease gone. He looks simultaneously serious and afraid.
I give Joan a stern look. "Don't even try anything involving my children unless it involves getting them off this planet and back to KLR9 safely." I look forward at the ground ahead.
Joan raises her arms. "Just saying, you and Aunt Dani are doing a lot, I could watch 'em."
"She makes a good point Flint. Also, where are those packages you said you were taking when they knocked you out?"
"True Dani and I have a lot to do. I am just surprised that she didn't have someone on KLR9 watch them while she came here. I guess we could use someone to watch them."
She points over to her desk. A large, green-wrapped box and a smaller crate sit at its foot.
"I take it that the crate is for you Kayle." I walk over to the green wrapped package and double check the label to make sure my assumption was correct.
I walk over to the crate. "What would Uncle send me that would require a crate?"

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