Techsuit Warfare VI

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Dani smiles, using her free hand to clutch Flint close. She had the eerie feeling she had forgotten something.

"No, no, please, we can work this out! No, not that! No! NOOOO!!!"
I stir slightly in my sleep and mutter something nonsensical.
Dani looks around. "Has to be here somewhere . . ."

"Come on now, please just let me go. I really can't do any harm." "Damned right you can't. Jason? Get some poistone."
I jerk awake again. "Huh what?"
Dani looks at Flint. "Ginei. I swear she boarded. If not . . . mercy to her."

"Yaah!" "Still a little old. Make her 20." "If we keep this up, boss, we might lose her." "I'm careful."
"Oh bugger all..."

{Ginei? Ginei where are you?}
Dani sighs. "Damn it all."

The only response is static.
{We forgot someone didn't we?}
{Yeah. Ginei. She should be onboard.}
Well, this could complicate forgot Cynthia as well apparently.
It is assumed all Snake and Turtle troops excepting Ginei made it onto Julia.
Ya, well here's the thing...she's still in the Bunker...So don't just assume that she's with you when she isn't.
I mutter to myself about needing to keep better track of people
"I have to go get her..."
DM powers, bam.
Cynthia's on the freaking interdimensional robotic wyvern.

Dani shrugs. "Hopefully she's okay. Seeing what happened to Joan, Ginei would never escape unscathed, poor girl."
"As do I." I stand up and walk over to the edge of Julia's back.
"I'll be back Dani, I going after Ginei."
Well, should've done this when I didn't have internet...

Cynthia disappears in a plot hole do to the overwhelming caution of future brain damage from confusion and annoyance.

Sorry man, I just had to.
Julia's voice filters its way over to Flint. "No way. You go, there's no escaping."
I bit my lip as I stand near the edge. I didn't want to leave Ginei behind but I couldn't do anything with out getting trapped on this planet again. I needed on of the teleporter keys and that would allow for the escape. The problem was that the nearest person that had one was in orbit.
"Damn it.... I'm sorry Ginei...." I say quietly to myself.
As Julia flies off, Jigen-tou immunizing the passengers to the void of space. Motherships begin to arrive, and Julia barrels through one, downing it.

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