Techsuit Warfare VI

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Joan shrugs. "Neither one is labeled, they remove those for the war effort. I'm not sure which is which, but I heard BREATHING in the crate."
I step back. "I don't think that's for me."
"I only received two packages. One was to Kayle, from Cayl; the other, to Flint, from Talia." Joan walks away.
I look at Flint. "Trade and see what's for who."
"Might as well." I hand Kayle the green package and walk over to the crate and morph my arm into a pry-bar and start loosening the top of the crate.
I start opening the package, still curious what could be so large he'd mail it.
Talia springs out of the crate. "You didn't think I'd miss the wedding, did you?" Natalie stands up. "You snore so badly I thought you'd ruin the surprise, bolthead."

The box contains a single silver cube, with blue lighting dancing across its surface. Lorian and Poltergeist symbols mark its exterior, and an engraved "Made on Karaa" stamp sits on the side.
I jump up and almost fall over. "For the love of Terra. Isn't there a better way of getting to this planet that doesn't involve you springing out of a crate right in front of me?" I check on Leah to make sure I didn't wake her up.
I look the cube over, fascinated by it. "Flint, check this thing out."
Natalie smiles. "Whassa matter, Flint? Scared of us?"

The cube glows brightly as Kayle touches it. A calm feminine voice escapes. "Designate name and desired animal."
"After what you did thirty years ago it isn't fear it is mistrust Natalie."
I glance over to Kayle as the cubes issues a sound.
"Careful Kayle.."
"Animal...Kayle Manassa, describe purpose."
It beeps lightly. "I am SCAR, a combat device designed by Poltergeist Mercenaries in conjunction with the Lorians and the Blue Army of Karaa. I was concept mapped by Cayl Rios, Agent Shadow, and Fleur Skies." It whirs. "Designate animal, Master Manassa."
"So I take it the best way for you two to get here was to smuggle yourselves in the crate." I say as I look back to Talia and Natalie.
They nod. "Of course. Free ride, right to you."
I shake my head. "You know you could have taken one of the ships from KLR9."

"I'd better get back to Dani now and get Leah to a place where I don't have to carry her using barriers." I start to head back to where I last knew that Dani was.
Natalie smacks Talia on the side of the head. "I told you!" "You were the one who wanted it to be a surprise!"
"Described function." I wasn't gonna use this thing until I knew exactly what it could do. Or at least had a rough idea.
SCAR beeps further. "It is my sole function to be an unstoppable engine of destruction to aid my master in combat. I may be a separate entity or an armored suit, and must remain in the form of either a cube or an animal. My weaponry and abilities change depending on my form." SCAR whirs.
I chuckle. Sounds rather useful. After thinking for a moment, I decide on an animal. "Grey wolf."

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